I Got My Hair Did!!

Some of y’all might have noticed that I got my hair did, yay me! People have been giving me compliments about how they like it and that it suits me and so i’m really happy about that. The twist I did are a lot fuller than I envisaged but I definitely like them, I can’t stop playing with it and love experimenting with various up-dos. Because they are full and about bra strap length i’m not sure I have the versatility for some of the more adventurous styles, but i’m managing just fine.

This looks kinda painful!!

I love love love these twists and they were done for me by my friend Obehi (who’s really good with natural hair) and not too expensive either so double win!. My plan to take care of them is mixing some leave-in conditioner with some water and spraying them every 3-4 days, just so it doesn’t get rough too easily. Also i’m sleeping with a silk scarf around my head to keep them neat. I plan to take them out in the next 6 weeks so i’ll wash them every 10-14 days until then, hopefully I should see just under an inch of growth. I’m so happy not to have to really do my hair every morning it means I can focus on my eyebrows instead ahahhaha! Well, here’s a few pics of them, hope you like them :D….well, even if you don’t, I do!!!

I Just Love Them!!!

The Fashion Show!!!

So there was a fashion show ‘Afrocentric’ on Thursday which was in association with my uni’s Afro-Caribbean Society for black history month. I was a dancer for this show, and we’d got all our outfits ready, but I was worried about what to do for my hair because it was off point! What to do, what to do?

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Last night I fancied doing some protective styling for once so i did some mini twists. First I Deep conditioned with Curls Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea Deep Conditioner (which I will do a review on later). Then I added a spritz I made containing water, Coconut oil, Castor oil and a few drops of Rosemary Oil.

After this I started doing the twists. I don’t separate my hair into large sections because I experience a large amount of shrinkage especially in the front half of my hair which has a much tighter curl than the back. Before twisting each part I added a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) mixed creamy with unrefined shea butter. I love using those two together because they make my Hair feel soft as well as giving it a bit of shine. One thing I have to make sure I do though is fully melt the shea butter otherwise I get yellow bits in my hair.

View from the top
View from the back

Since i’m getting kinky twists next week, i’m planning to keep these twists in till wednesday night, rock a twist out/twist out afro for two days and then DC on friday night before i get the twists in. I’ll post pictures of the twist out next week and hopefully sincve my hair will be stretched, i’ll be able to do my first length check since my BC in April. This would be about 6 months fully natural for me. Yay!! I can’t wait!!



Product Review: Hello Hydration Conditioner

The first time I used Herbal Essences Hello Hydration, I wasn’t very impressed. It didn’t seem to do much more than give my hair some slip while detangling and I thought it’s smell was overbearing and overpowering. However, because it had a lot of raving reviews from american and european bloggers alike, I decided to give it another chance.

Trial 1: The first time I used the conditioner, I used it in conjunction with Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo and Intense Conditioner. After washing, I allowed my hair to air dry and put on my spritz of Castor oil, coconut oil, Rosemary oil and leave-in conditioner. The result was that my hair was a lot drier than it would usually be and I had less defined curls.

Trial 2: In this case I co-washed my hair with a mixture of Elasta QP Intense Conditioner and the Hello Hydration. The two conditioners together made a huge difference. My hair felt so moisturised that I didn,t even feel the need to spray my spritz on it. The amazing thing was, I found that I didn’t need the spritz until two days after I co-washed my hair.

Hello Hydration conditioner is now a staple in my hair  wardrobe and I try and make sure I use it in at least 3/4 co-washes. So all in all i’d give it a 4/5. My only problem is that the smell starts to irritate me if I don’t use it with another conditioner. Although, thinking about it, I haven’t really used it wit another conditioner apart from the Elasta QP. Right now though, i’m trying to use as little products as possible so i’ll keep it that way for now.




This last month as been so hectic! Going into my third year of uni and choosing a project which is supposed to be 15% of my whole degree has been majorly stressful. Not to talk of going to actual lectures and keeping other various commitments. Before I knew it the whole of September had gone taking my 20th birthday with it.

Not that I did anything special for it, I mean I was only 20 so it wasn’t a major landmark, but I definitely have to thank God for every year added on to my life, landmark or not. I had fun though, I went to work and then went to TGI fridays, where I got thoroughly Continue reading