This last month as been so hectic! Going into my third year of uni and choosing a project which is supposed to be 15% of my whole degree has been majorly stressful. Not to talk of going to actual lectures and keeping other various commitments. Before I knew it the whole of September had gone taking my 20th birthday with it.

Not that I did anything special for it, I mean I was only 20 so it wasn’t a major landmark, but I definitely have to thank God for every year added on to my life, landmark or not. I had fun though, I went to work and then went to TGI fridays, where I got thoroughlyembarrassed by their birthday crew. The sad thing is we ate ourselves silly, gorging on the free birthday cake and humongous monster burgers and ribs we ordered. That was definitely not a good idea. Especially since unfortunate circumstances have halted our couch to 5k runs around town for three weeks. We hope to be able to start again next week, continuing from the second week.

One thing I can say about this whole month is that i’ve definitely found the motivation to prioritise, and hopefully with my ‘new’ tool, i’ll be able to blog a lot more frequently. I guess it’s time to see whether i’m really cut out to be a 3rd year Medical Engineer, Dance Captain, Cheerleader, blogger and retail assistant all at once. Well, I guess we’ll see how I feel in a few month’s time.



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