The Fashion Show!!!

So there was a fashion show ‘Afrocentric’ on Thursday which was in association with my uni’s Afro-Caribbean Society for black history month. I was a dancer for this show, and we’d got all our outfits ready, but I was worried about what to do for my hair because it was off point! What to do, what to do?

Conditioner in Hair

That’s when I decided to do a conditioner-only wash (co-wash) as I didn’t really have that much time in the morning. I have three main conditioners that I use, Herbal Essences Hello Hydration, Tousle Me Softly and Elasta QP Intense Conditioner. In this case, the nearest ones to me in the bathroom were Hello Hydration and Tousle Me Softly. To save even more time I put the conditioner on my hair while my hair was dry. To make this process a little bit easier, I part my hair into four sections and add both conditioners to each section. When I finish conditioning each section, I clip it out of the way with a duck bill clip. Sometimes I also do a bit of light detangling.

Conditioner Washed Out
Almost Dry Hair

I also wash my hair in the same sections to make sure every bit of conditioner is washed out because residual conditioner leaves my hair sticky and damp and I HATE sticky hair…it’s just like eeeewwwww. So after washing all the conditioner, I shake off the water and wait till it dries. That’s right, I  don’t use a towel, microfibre towel or T-shirt to dry my hair unless i’m absolutely in a rush. When it’s dry enough, in this case I added a palm sized amount of Hawaiian Silky Herbal Leave-in Conditioner evenly distributing it throughout each section. After this I add a bit of olive oil just to lock in the moisture.

A Few Pix Before The Show

What I got was lovely little defined curls and amazingly soft  hair too. The fashion show was good by the way, and the after party was…..interesting! LOL!



One thought on “The Fashion Show!!!

  1. You were right about the off-point part in the beginning (lol, no offense), but thank God it all turned out well. Nice one. Hope you get better and learn new tricks. Cheers!

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