I Got My Hair Did!!

Some of y’all might have noticed that I got my hair did, yay me! People have been giving me compliments about how they like it and that it suits me and so i’m really happy about that. The twist I did are a lot fuller than I envisaged but I definitely like them, I can’t stop playing with it and love experimenting with various up-dos. Because they are full and about bra strap length i’m not sure I have the versatility for some of the more adventurous styles, but i’m managing just fine.

This looks kinda painful!!

I love love love these twists and they were done for me by my friend Obehi (who’s really good with natural hair) and not too expensive either so double win!. My plan to take care of them is mixing some leave-in conditioner with some water and spraying them every 3-4 days, just so it doesn’t get rough too easily. Also i’m sleeping with a silk scarf around my head to keep them neat. I plan to take them out in the next 6 weeks so i’ll wash them every 10-14 days until then, hopefully I should see just under an inch of growth. I’m so happy not to have to really do my hair every morning it means I can focus on my eyebrows instead ahahhaha! Well, here’s a few pics of them, hope you like them :D….well, even if you don’t, I do!!!

I Just Love Them!!!

I wanna hear what you think

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