Stuck in a Style Rut: Style Challenge

So, for the past four weeks i’ve had these awesome kinky twists and lots of people have told me that this is the best hairstyle i’ve had for a while. However, ‘certain people’ have told me that i’m not using them to their fullest potential. Usually I just let them fall free or tie them up into a crazy bun on top or to the side of my head but apparently that’s not enough. I don’t really have time in the morning to do anything elaborate (I value my sleep more than my hairstyle hehe) and the few times I tried to do my hair on the train, I looked like a train wreck (no pun intended).

So, I turned to the internet and my favourite hair blogs for inspiration, and I managed to find some inspiration so starting from today I decided to challenge myself to a week of different twist styles. I’m going for more quirky than crazy so hopefully I don’t get random people looking at me weirdly. Hopefully it all goes well…….and I catch the eye of a certain spice i’ve been seeing around lately hahahahaha.

So today’s style is a bit modified from how people may have seen it this morning:

Style Challenge Day 1

And so the games begin…what do you think?



I wanna hear what you think

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