Style Challenge Day 3

Some little bird’s told me *cough*unite committee girls *cough* that my style challenge styles so far haven’t been exciting or risqué enough for them, which was annoying because that was kind of the reason why I started this style challenge in the first place. So today, I thought out of the box a bit and came up with this. I had a lot of good feedback for this style so i’m quite pleased. Here it is:



Its just a big braid starting from the back of my head all the way to the front. I don’t have any back angle pictures, but i’m sure you can imagine it. After braiding to the front I kind of coiled the braid around and clipped it to the front in a shrimpy shape and this is the result.

This isn’t my usual style and though I quite liked being a but different from usual, I think I’ll save it for special events :). I can’t lie, some people were giving me a bit of a weird look…. but I guess that’s their problem. Comment below!!!



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