Style Challenge Day 5: Special Guest

I went to a new church this morning so, you know, I thought I would make a bit of an effort and dress up a little bit. Unfortunately I was running a bit late, so I couldn’t take pictures of when I had freshly done my hair. I got inspiration from a friend of mine:


Style Challenge Day 5: My friend Ify

This is my gorgeous friend Ify, and this is the style I decided to take to church today. Her twists are much fuller than mine and so you can really see the full effect of this style. She parted her hair at the side and twisted the front section round to the side and knotted it to a section from the other side. The rest of the hair is left down to create a casual every day style. For church I tied the rest of my hair up into a pony tail to make it a bit more smart. I love this style and will definitely style my hair like this in future….Ify can’t get enough of it and now I can’t too!



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