Style Challenge Day 6

Today I had an idea of what I wanted to do with my hair, but since I was a bit late for class I decided to do my hair in class. When I did the style though, my friend Ify (the special guest from yesterday) told me that she had something a bit more exciting for today. So I allowed her to create my hairstyle for today, from the row behind me, in the middle of our lecture room, thank goodness the room was half empty. This is what she came up with:



In this style she gave me a middle parting which i’m sure you can’t see very well, but you can use a side parting for this if you so wish. She gathered two parts from the front section of my hair and wrapped it round the side of my head to the bottom. In normal circumstances she would have used clips, but since we had limited resources she cane rowed the excess hair upwards. The remaining hair was then twisted into a bun to complete the look. Nice eh?

I just realised that tomorrow is the last day of my style challenge, i’m thinking of going out with a bang. I’m also thinking that i have to wake up at 6am in the morning for work…so we’ll see about that.



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