Style Challenge Day 7: The Finale

Today was the last day of the style challenge week. I tried, as promised, to go out with a bang but things don’t always go to plan. I tried flexing-rodding my twists at the front and the bottom lower part of my head but only one section came out how I wanted it to. Because the twists were quite thick they took forever to dry, and forever is not something a university student has. So I, had to scrap the lovely style I had envisaged and improvise:


I curled the two front sections using flexi-rods and hot water. I then used a hairdryer to dry off the twists but only just managed to get rid of the excess water before I had to get ready for uni. Leaving the front sections out, I gathered the rest of my hair into three pony trails starting from the top to the bottom. And that’s it! That’s this style challenge done. Thanks to all the people that helped make it a success, I can’t wait for the next one.



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