Going Natural

So you’ve got it set in your heart to go natural…wooo! But then you stop and think, what happens now?

There are 2/3 ways to go natural:

  • The big chop
  • Transitioning: short term and long term.

The Big Chop

This is by far the quickest and some say easiest way to go fully natural. All it means is cutting off all of your relaxed ends, the minute you’re sure you want to go natural. This is the most effective way to go natural according to some of the other bloggers i’ve been following. It just means that all you have to work with is your new growth, all 1-2 inches of it. The best part about having short hair is that unlike relaxed short hair, its easy to maintain. All you need to do is wash it once a week or less and then put a little bit of moisturiser and a little bit of oil and you are ready to go! Hair time is cut to 5 minutes or less a day.

The main issue with this method is that a lot of people are scared to go that short. Some people claim that they might look like a boy or that their more undesirable features will be too apparent. Also some people may have long relaxed hair which they might not want to part with so easily. So i’d say go for this method if you like/don’t mind short styles or if you’re just a bit lazy hehe.

Solange After A BC

Short Term Transition

This entails ‘growing out’ your perm/relaxer/heat damage for a while before doing a ‘Big Chop’ . Short term would be considered 1 year of growing out before cutting the relaxed ends off which was what I did. The pros of this is that you will (should) retain all of your new growth which translates to about 4-6 inches of new growth. This is a reasonable enough length for most people, and most don’t mind starting off being natural at this length.

The ease at which you may find to care for your hair at this length depends on how much care you took of it while you were still transitioning. Its easier to work with one texture than two but natural hair is a whole different ball game to both transitioning and relaxed hair so you need to pay attention to it. During your transition you’ll have to deal with your new growth as well as your relaxed hair, which can be different if not managed properly. The point where both the textures meet (called the line of demarcation) is very fragile and most if not all breakage you experience will occur at this point. So you really need to take care of your hair all throughout your transition.

Long Term Transition

A long term transition generally lasts from 1-3 years. Some long term transitioners may eventually just end up growing their perm out and just need to do a trim rather than a full blown haircut. They need to be very patient with their two textures , but to be honest, if you manage to transition for that amount of time, you most likely have learnt how to take care okay of your hair.

After looking and researching about the ways of going natural, you need to figure out a way that you think worlks for you….after that…it’s on to the next step.

A Longer Transition

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