Creating A Regimen II

So now you know what you have to do to grow long luscious locks, the question you’re asking yourself now is:

How often do I need to do these things for maximum results?

Don’t fret my dear friends, because I have the answer!

First of all I like to start with the things I do most frequently, this is what I call the daily part of my regimen. For example.

Daily: Moisturise hair with a leave-in, seal with any oil. This can be done in the morning, afternoon or night and makes sure your hair stays moisturised all day.

At night, some sort of maintenance is necessary, sleep with your hair in at least a hair net or scarf or even tights to minimise tangles. The best thing is to twist, braid or pin your hair before putting on a silk scarf/satin bonnet and sleeping on a satin/silk pillowcase. Doing all of that is a bit extra to be honest, so you can just choose to do the bare minimum.

Bi-weekly or weekly:

Co-washing and shampooing. This totally depends on you and your lifestyle, I know some people who only shampoo monthly and others who co-wash every day. Generally most people I know wash/co-wash weekly and alternate between the two.


Deep conditioning. This still depends on you, since you need to do both protein and moisturising deep conditions you may want to do this step less frequently since it takes up more time than the other steps.

You may want to do other types of treatments like hot oil, baggy and GHE, but above is the basically the most skeletal regimen that would probably work for you. The major focus here though is ‘What works for you!!!!’ you may not need to do some of these steps as frequently as I have mentioned or maybe you need to do them more frequently, either way, listen to your hair!

So here’s a sample regimen:

Daily Moisturise and seal (if needed).Night maintenance (Twist or braid or pin-up) with scarf.
Weekly Co-wash, and style.
Fortnightly Shampoo etc
Monthly Deep condition (alternate between moisture and protein)

So this is your backbone that you can add to or subtract from as you wish! Stay tuned for the next post on hairstyles for transitioners (and everyone else too!).

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