Hairstyles for transitioners

One of the main problems with transitioning is the obvious difference in textures, the natural hair tends to be darker and curlier and the relaxed hair tends to be lighter and straighter. So the best hairstyles for transitioners are those that disguise the difference in curl pattern.

Exhibit A- Bantu knot out

To do a bantu knot out is fairly simple once you get the bantu technique right. You part the hair into medium to small sections depending on your hair length. With each section you twist the hair round and round itself until it stays put. You can do this on wet or dry hair and for maximum results its better to sleep with the knots overnight, or if you did it wet, wait till the hair dries.

Then you gently unravel the knots, separating them until you have a light fluffy, curly fro:

Exhibit B- Braid out

It’s as easy as it sounds, braid your hair into 5-30 sections depending on your length, thickness, and desired style. You can either do this on wet, damp or dry hair. Leave it to dry/overnight and un-braid in the morning and voila! Braid out!

Exhibit C- Twist out/Flat twist out

Exactly the same as the braid out, except you can have purely flat twists, two strand twists, or a combination of the two.

Exhibit-D Flat twists

In this style, instead of taking the twists out you flat twist the hair into a lovely little style and leave them in for everyone to admire/drool over.

And there you have it, 4/5 different styles for transitioners or naturals. Aren’t those flats twists gorgeous?



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