Twist Out Triumph

helllloooooo home skillets :D. sooo this is my first post and im sooooo excited. you know why? Becasuse I got the most amazing twist out EVER!!!!. Its actually..booom. how did I do it? One product, FLAXSEED GEL – homemade if I may add. Soo we’ve been looking for flaxseed for ages and yesterday we went to Holland & Barret because we hadn’t fount it anywhere else.

We didnt find any ‘flaxseed’ but as we were leaving the store,I spotted some linseed. My sister didn’t know they were he same thing *smh*. I’m sure she’s seen like tons of linseed but she was looking specifically for flaxseed *excuse me while I face palm* lol. so anyways… we um bought it for like £3.50 (ikr) and got home.

Our first flaxseed attempt didn’t really go to plan, but it was still okay but i’m not gonna post the recipe for it yet, sorry guys :'(. but anyway. I kinda experimented with coconut milk and some other things and used it as a DC (yes my sister thinks she is a ‘mixtress’) and left it for about 30 minutes.

My hair was soooo soft but I want my sister to try it out first before I post it because we don’t post untried and untested mixtures up in here. Anyhoodles, when it was damp my sister twisted it for me using the Hawaiian silky leave in conditioner with grapeseed oil to seal. She also used shea butter on my scalp and flaxseed gel on top of each section of hair before twisting. I had abut 35 twists in and I wrapped it and went to bed.

When I got up, well when I decided to do my hair, I put shea butter on my fingers to prevent friction when unravelling my twists. I didn’t separate them at all but a few got separated by mistake as I thought they were twists. I re-twisted those ones and put a bit of water on them. when i took them out again. They were better 🙂 i had two flat twists in front and i took them out and put a bit of flaxseed gel on my edges *hey*. on my way out. I put in my favourite Alice band with a bow…

peace, love and food

Temi 🙂 xx

ps. im fourteen and my hair is about an inch shorter than simi’s

by the way…it looked a LOT better in real life and this was in december ’12

my flat twist :)
my flat twist 🙂

my twists

my twistout
my twistout

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