Guess who’s back!

Hola amigos,

Guess where I am again 😀 thats right, Spain! I only just left about 7 weeks ago but I couldn’t get enough of the sun, sea and sand it had to offer. Instead of Marbella which is in Costa Del Sol (the sunny coast) we are in Benidorm in Costa Blanca (white coast) incidentally the two happen to be quite close to each other.

As expected, we have been living it up, taking full advantage of the glorious weather to really see what benidorm has to offer. This is our fourth day here and so far we’ve done a bit of exploring.

On our first night we felt a bit tired and because we overslept and missed dinner, we just went to a Chinese buffet for a quiet night in.


On our second day we had a bit of a wander around the area of our hotel, taking note of where the bars and clubs were as well as the shops and beaches. At night we went to check out the benidorm clubs. Having heard that there was a wild nightlife, I was excited to see how people lived it up on this side of the Mediterranean.


On our third day we decided to lounge around during the day taking long naps and just taking time to chill out. We went for a morning jog to nicely start the day and just flopped straight back into bed after breakfast. In the evening we decided to go for a different scene and visit a chilled out bar. We had a great time watching various acts such as a Motown group and europes best Lady Gaga impersonator.


And today, we reached the halfway mark of our holiday 😦 which we decided to spend at the beach. Before the beach we had a tasty lunch at a western saloon, you really can’t go wrong with some chunky chips, half a rack of ribs and a cocktail to seal the deal.


My hair is still in my braids which had made my life so much easier in terms of styling and maintenance. I haven’t really done anything adventurous with them because even though they aren’t full, its still hard for me to fit my little hands around them to style them properly but oh well, i’m enjoying them all the same.


I wanna hear what you think

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