Box braid takedown: Enter Yasumi

It’s been almost 8 full weeks since I got these waist length box braids installed. At about 5 weeks, which is a lot later than usual, I started to get a bit itchy about letting my hair free and being able to touch and play with it again. But that happened to be right near the end of my exams, I had reached the home stretch and I couldn’t imagine spending valuable time doing my hair when I had a degree to finish! So, I threw all those urges away and focused on my exams. Soon after my exams, I was due to go on a holiday to Spain and again I fought the urge to take them out, I had a low luggage allowance (15kg!) and I couldn’t afford to use precious space and weight on my hair products.

My last hairstyle with the braids in 😦

I’m glad I kept the braids in for my trip, the maintenance was a breeze, and for some reason i felt more comfortable going into the sea with braided hair than loose hair, I don’t really know why. A reason I think I got the itch again was the whole build up fear again, especially as I had to remove some braids around my edges and experienced huuuuggggeeee fluff balls and alarming hair loss. I was kind of scared for the rest of the hair, and hoped I still had hair left. This is the amount of hair I lost during the whole washing process..

Not bad for two months!

Spain was so good! I had so much fun, so many laughs, so much sun, so much food 😀 (i like food). I really enjoyed being with my favourite girlies and it was so amazing being with them as it marked our graduation from university, so it was also tinged with a bit of sadness. Two days after I was back I started on my braids and took them down the exact same way as I did in my Kinky Twist Takedown blog post a while back. The only difference being the oil I used, to be honest I used a random mix I found in my room which probably consisted of jojoba, grapeseed and a bit of rosemary oils. Here you can really see the difference between that time and now, my hair has grown a bit in the past 6 or so months.

looks like a good two inches, yay!

I missed my one year natural length check because my hair was in braids, so instead I may do a random 15 month check or something, just because I don’t have any. And here you can see my hair calmly twisted into around 20 twists, it looks so peaceful here. Seeing this picture gave me an idea, since I don’t have a name for my hair, why not switch it up and give her a name depending on her state of being, and since my name ‘SIMI’  means rest in my native language Yoruba I thought i’d call her the Japanese word for rest, Yasumi (休み) I guess that’s her name when she’s in a protective style like the twists I have in now.

I like the scarf look 😀

So i’ve washed and deep conditioned and i’m wearing these twists to stretch my hair for a flat twist and curl i’m planning to have in tomorrow night, but I got the inspiration for this process from naptural85’s youtube channel and her results were pretty nice so I may not flat twist it just yet, i’ll show you the results tomorrow.



7 thoughts on “Box braid takedown: Enter Yasumi

  1. Don’t suppose you know of anywhere in Malaga I can get box braids done? Been reading your blog and looking at your pics and you have mentioned Spain a lot so here’s hoping xxx

  2. Sorry hun, I just happened to be in Spain over the past few months, but I got my hair done in the UK. I didn’t see ONE black hair shop at all in any of the regions I went to :/ so I have no idea.

    1. Ah, not to worry. Thanks for replying though. Your blog is really interesting. Would you recommend box braids then? Despite the hair loss afterwards! The heat over here is frazzling my hair and I just want a low maintainence style for a few months while I’m out here. But yes you’re right, there aren’t any black hair shops so I’m really struggling with what to do xx

      1. I would definitely recommend, it takes a huge weight off in terms of styling and maintenance, especially if you don’t have time or many hair products. I didn’t lose much hair compared to the normal amount I would lose after detangling. 🙂

      2. Heya, so I managed to find someone to do my hair. You know the women who sit on the beach and do braids…. well I basically I asked her if she would do my whole head so she said yeh but I’d have to go to her house. So the next day I went and sat at her house for 7 hours! But it was worth it and I love my new hair! Thanks for your help though. xx

    1. It cost 150 euros and they are down to my butt! Took me a while to figure out how to sit down and stand up again without ripping my scalp off! Ouch! xx

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