Oh curl challenge Day 1: Before The Journey

oh curl

I’ve wanted to do this for a while, its supposed to be an Instagram challenge but I decided to get a few posts out of it too. I’ll do an Instagram post on my own Insta page @miss_sim_simma whilst also doing a quick back story on the picture i posted.

Today’s post is ‘Before the journey‘. Well, for me before I went on this natural hair journey, like a lot of us I was relaxed. Since I was about 2 or 3 my mother relaxed my hair (really bad I know!) and from then until I was 18 my hair was relaxed bone straight.     It never grew past just under my shoulder’s, but to some people this was ‘long’ hair. I never questioned the whole relaxing process, even though every single time my head was burnt and my scalp was sore and tender. I had always thought people who were natural did so because their hair wasn’t growing or they had skin problems.

It wasn’t until I got to uni and I met a girl who was natural that I realised that relaxing was not the only thing I could do to my hair. and whilst browsing the internet for hair tutorials with a friend I found glamtwinz. Now I knew that their hair was definitely different to mine, but I knew that it wasn’t just hair texture that determined length, and their hair was so much longer than mine had ever been. I began to wonder about going natural, and continued to scour youtube for naturalistas and their techniques and i applied them to my relaxed hair, although it was too late. My hair had started falling off strand by strand, too damaged by the relaxing, daily heat and extreme manipulation  that I had subjected it to.

My hair was always styled using some form of heat.
My hair was always styled using some form of heat.

(This is a picture which best describes me before my journey, my fringe was always straightened and the back of my hair was either up in a bun, or in a ponytail.)

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