Oh curl Challenge Day 4: My go-to style

If you currently know me, or have gotten to know me withing the past 2 years you would know that I have 1 style that I wear most of the time, that I could wear forever! MY PUFF!!!!!! It just so happens that i’m wearing one today after my awesome three strand twistout ( review soon come) got a bit too wild for work.

Todays work hairstyle

The humble puff has saved me from many failed twist-outs, bantu-knot outs old wash-n-goes, and other various styles that look soooo much better on other people than on me. If the style still has definition to it, I just slap a large band or a scarf on it and call it a night. If the state of my hair is just wack, then I just spray a bit of water (the joys of springy hair) and it reverts back to a big fluffball, perfect for my signature poofy puff 😀 It’s so easy to achieve and can be done in under 30 seconds, why do any other style?

Here are pictures of my other puffs:




imageToooo many pictures, i chose one a month for the past 6 and there are still loads more to show maybe in another post?



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