Oh Curl Challenge Day 7 : Natural Texture

I’m sorry this is getting ridiculous guys, this ‘challenge’ is supposed to last 30 days, or 30 posts. It’s taken me three months just to get to a quarter of the posts! I’m definitely going to have to become more frequent with the posts 😀

Today’s post is my natural texture. I like to think that there are 3 separate areas on my head with different textures and curl patterns. For those who don’t really know about curl patterns (also known as hair types) see the picture below.

Hair types ranging from 1-4
Hair types ranging from 1-4

I have three main sections in my head the top section, upper crown + sides, lower crown + nape.


The top section of my hair has a kinky texture and the curl pattern is of a mostly 4b type really small curls and coils that are mostly undefined with the diameter of a crotchet needle. This section also has the most colour on it so its the driest and shortest part, I give this section the most moisture and attention. It shrinks up a lot when wet and gets knotted easily so i like to flat twist the front to stop this from happening too much.

Looks more defined than usual ;)
Looks more defined than usual 😉

Upper Crown + Sides

This section is still 4b but the curls are slightly bigger and a lot more defined. The texture is smoother too meaning it’s not as dry and its a lot easier to detangle because it’s not too fine or too knotted up. It doesn’t shrink up as much as the top section when wet either. The ends have a bit of colour, but i’m slowly trying to trim this off.


Lower Crown + Nape

Here I have hair that is considerable smoother than the rest, the hair is fine and has almost no colour whatsoever (which is deliberate). The curls are very defined and have a 4a curl pattern, this section usually holds styles like twist-out’s best because the curls are easier to straighten out. However, it’s the most fragile and thin part of my hair and detangling it is an absolute pain, because the hair tends to snap if too much pressure is applied.

Defined curls
Defined curls

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