Oh Curl Challenge Day 8: Favourite Instagrammer

I told you that I would post a bit quicker this time hehe. This post is fairly simple my favourite instagrammer has to be @kinky_chicks1 I dont really follow hair blogs, this is the only one. But the the variety of hair and hairstyles is inspiring. I get a lot of ideas and sometimes just love to drool over other people’s hair.

photo courtesy of @kinky_chicks1
photo courtesy of @kinky_chicks1

If had to chose an actual person as my favourite instagrammer I would choose @iikandii88 she has natural hair and is a fitness and health fanatic. managed to lose a lot of weight by homework outs eating clean and I would definitely recommend her if trying to kick start a home work out plan. her hair is in weaves most of the time because of her workout schedule but its simply for convenience as her hair is as long as her weave.

Picture courtesy of @iikandii88's insta page
Picture courtesy of @iikandii88’s insta page

And if had to chose my favourite natural hair persona I would say @mckenzie_renae, her hair gives me life, and I just love to see it. She’s not really a hair style guru, but she always looks good!


There you have it, my favourite instagrammers!


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