The Salon Visit From Hell

I came back to Nigeria primarily to serve in the NYSC program which is compulsory for everyone who was under 30 at point of graduation. The first element of service is a 3 week long youth camp, which is the camp of the state that you are posted in. I like many other foreign graduates, found myself in Lagos :D. Because it’s an army style barracks there are only basic necessary amenities, meaning, I needed to get my hair did.

Unfortunately, that meant a trip to the salon since I was short on time and didn’t really have a trusted stylist around my area. And so it began. I freshly washed and sectioned my hair in the morning and wrapped a scarf around to make it look presentable for my other activities. Then I made my way to the salon.

The first thing the lady did was undo all the sections and try to start combing it dry. I had to look at her to make sure she understood that that doesn’t fly with my kinky hair. So I got her to put in some of my Giovanni Direct Leave-In before de-tangling with a ‘wide tooth comb’. The comb wasn’t so much a wide tooth comb as a huge comb that still managed to be quite small. She was gentle though, and it only hurt little bit, but she didn’t de-tangle fully, she said it wasn’t necessary.

Then came the demon hairdresser, my hair had already started to shrink up and I could see her eyeing my shrunken fro with disgust. Just before she started she asked me why I didn’t relax. I said I didn’t like relaxing FULL STOP. She, obviously not getting the point said I should relax because my hair is thick and very hard. I didn’t answer, and she responded by almost tearing the hair from my scalp when she was about to part a section. I had to shout a bit, it was so painful.

And she just looked at me indifferently and said I would have to bear it because my hair is hard. I was so vexed, Instead of her to part with sense, she did it the lazy way ripping tangles apart instead of being gentle and expected my hair to behave like relaxed hair. I had to really reign myself in because my Aunt’s friend owned the salon. Every time she parted I felt and heard my precious strands breaking! I was so upset, until another hairdresser came to work on my hair, and showed the demon a better way to part it.

At the end of the day I didn’t get the style I wanted (which was marley twists even though I explained and showed pictures). And I found out that they had plaited each twist onto my head, meaning the hair was in a permanent all back style. I was livid, but already in camp so it was too late. I had to wait two weeks before the twists became slack enough to manipulate into more appealing styles. I mean, my forehead is way too big to have been exposed like that. I was so angry and in so much pain from that horrible salon visit, I am NEVER going back there again. In fact, any salon in Lagos will be lucky to get a kobo from me this year.

I wasn't really this happy! Even though I hate hats, it covered my huge forehead!!
I wasn’t really this happy! Even though I hate hats, it covered my huge forehead!!



13 thoughts on “The Salon Visit From Hell

  1. Girl, from the moment she started to try to “comb” my hair hair like that, would have picked up stuff and adios Amiga!!!!! Such rude people!!!!! No naturals ever need to deal with people like that, just explain to them and if they cannot change their attitudes, pay what you owe and leave. Keep rocking your hair doll.

    1. The only reason I didn’t pack my stuff up is because my aunt was there, she is texturized however but always comments that they understand natural hair. Safe to say, after seeing how they treated my hair and styled it, neither of us are getting our hair done there again.

    1. As if all you got from this post was the dodgy hats! Haha, I know you’re a hat guy, but sorry this is regulation NYSC right there.

  2. Oh my, so sorry you had to go through all that. There are places in lagos where they care for natural hair. I know of 2 but you’ll have to check their blogs for the salon addresses. 1. KL’s naturals beauty bar. The owner has natural hair and takes excellent care of other naturals. They aren’t open Mondays though. 2. Savvy and Chic Hair beauty hub. They do a great job too but it’s by appointment only. Their address is also online.

    1. Thanks hun, I was certainly left ‘traumatised’ from the experience. I’ll definitely check them out the next time I’m planning to do a protective style.

  3. Ha! I try to do a preliminary visit to the salon before making my hair. I take courtesy and first impressions seriously.
    There are better salons in lagos now, sorry.

    1. Well I went there on the recommendation of my aunt, never again! Haha, so you know any good salons in Lagos?

      1. I’ve seen this actually, but thanks. I’m still trying to find someone that’s actually been there, because not all natural salons were created equal😁

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