Oh Curl Challenge Day: 10 Product Stash

I’m quite happy that i’m in Nigeria for this post because I was only able to bring a very limited amount of products with me. Since Nigeria (Lagos in this instance) has not really caught up with the rest of the world in the natural hair game, I haven’t really been able to restock my products like i would have liked. At home in London I have about 2 cardboard boxes full of half used products *hides head in shame* BUT I do use them once in a while when i’ve run out of my normal products.

I hate to waste things, so even though I may not be in love with the product i’ll use it unless it actually damages my hair. This is my current product situation, I always seem to be missing a deep conditioner? In fact at one point I had 9 conditioners, but no deep conditioners……I just never seem to find one.  However I was roaming around the casabella in Ikota, Ajah and found one that I quite like even though i’ve only used it once so far. I might just do a product review (maybe).

Current cleansers
Rhassoul clay shampoo bar
Lemon and honey black soap paste
As I am coconut co-wash
Herbal essences totally twisted conditioner
Elasta QP intense conditioner

Deep conditioner
Vitale Olive oil hair mayonnaise

Moisturisers/leave in
Giovanni direct leave in

Beautiful textures moisture butter whipped curl cream
Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie

Extra virgin olive oil

Elasta QP Glaze (for my edges sometimes)
Apple Cider Vinegar



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