Oh Curl Challenge Day 11: Hair of the Day

Hello my lovelies,

This series is taking waaay too long. I’ve decided to make it a weekly affair, so you can expect to see a new post every Monday to Wednesday(I hope). I’m using this as a disciplinary and time management exercise so y’all are helping me get my life on track ha. Today’s post is about my hair of the day, I had in some two strand twists but they were kind of big and messy so a few days after I did them I re-twisted them into three strand twists. I used beautiful textures whipped curl cream as the styler and olive oil to seal the original twists and giovanni direct leave-in as a moisturiser for the newer twists. What you see below is the result……is what I would have said.

Basically I went to work with the hair out and some tiny defined curls, then by the time I got to the bust stop it was a looot more puffy. But I thought, hey, it’s humid that’s what happens. But then when I got to my school it started raining full cats and dogs, and it kept on for hours, so in the end we had to walk back to the main office in the rain and my twist was no more :'(. So here’s a random photo of my hair on a day that I thought it looked good-ish :D.






I wanna hear what you think

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