Oh Curl Challenge Day 13: Hair Goal

Sorry guys about that mis-post, my phone likes to do funny things like upload unfinished posts when i’m not looking!

My hair goal is the same as most other naturals this side of the solar system. I just want healthy hair,  and I’ve technically achieved that goal because my hair is healthy. So to specify and go a bit deeper I’d like long, thick and healthy hair, and this is where the debate begins.

For some reason I keep seeing a healthy hair V long hair debate as if you can’t have both?  I understand some people hang on to damaged or relaxed ends because of the length it gives them, but they are strictly fooling themselves. In my opinion, if you take care of your hair even moderately well, it will grow and retain length at a healthy rate. Unless you’re actually ill there’s no reason for your not to grow healthily so why can’t it be both healthy and long?

You may have some setbacks on the way like heat damage or a crazy stylist but ultimately I think both of these goals are possible at the same time without having to sacrifice one for the other. The thickness part of it howver, thats something you are born with and even though people would swear on their grandma’s left toe that such and such remedy works, I only think that the effect is moderate and temporary so i’ve decided to accept the fact that my hair is not gonna be big and poofy like some other naturals I admire.

To give a visual effect of what I aspire to be (even though I know genetically its not really possible) i’ll link some vloggers below to show you what I mean.


Naptural 85     LHDC-LLC      Fusion of Cultures       BorderHammer     Keishanista88

This is my hair goal! I’m thinking waist length by the four year mark, 2 years to go :o.





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