Oh Curl Challenge Day 14: Beautiful Braids

I have a love/hate relationship with braids. This is what i love about them:

  • I love the break from styling that it gives
  • I love the look, whether long or short
  • the versatility is amazing
  • Even with no-make-up/hobo clothes you sill look fly

And here are the reasons I don’t like braids:

  • long or small ones take long to do
  • after a few days you miss playing with your real hair
  • washing and drying is a real pain
  • the build up at the roots waiting to pull your hair out

Obviously, there are other Pros and cons which are a bit more subjective, but I think those are the main ones. Here are some pictures of my favorite braids over the past few years.

Here, I’ve taken ‘braids’ to be any type of extensions, because I hardly ever do traditional braids. I hope you saw the pics of my lil sis I added. She really needs to post, but she’s lazy! I’ll see if I can get her to this month.

And there you have it, pics of our beautiful braids.









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