New YouTube Channel + Giveaway

Hello curlies, I know it’s been a while, did you miss me šŸ˜‰ i’ve been trying to post for the past week but the traffic in Lagos saps my energy, and i’m not even driving yet, but i’m still trying to put out a post a week. I’ve got some new writers on board so hopefully, that may be upped to two or three a week.

I’ve decided to create a YouTube channel, mainly because of the sheer amount of requests for demonstration of my three strand twist-out. It’s so hard to explain using just words and/or pictures, so i’ve put up a video demonstrating how I get mine to look like they do. So right now I have just one video of how I do the twists, with take-down and maintenance videos to come. However, I did realise that the quality of the video was compromised somewhere during the process of uploading the video to YouTube.
So i’m going to create a completely new video in the coming week when I wash my hair just for y’all, and when thats done, i’ll upload the take-down and maintenance videos. Until I do, you can look at my current video below:


My next bit of news is my (kind of) giveaway thats happening. You may or may not have heard of Curlkit which is a subscription service that provides a box of ‘natural inspired’ hair products monthly. The box contains samples but also promises a few full sized products which is awesome if you want to try a product before committing to buying it. They also sell all of the hair products featured in the boxes on their website, on their website it also says that they ship to nigeria, though i’ve never tried (trying to stop buying so many products) so that’s a plus. Well they’ve given my readers a 10% discount off their site to celebrate hitting 10,000 views a while back. So my viewers from all around the world can buy the discounted products using this link:

(check if they ship to your country, they should!).


Happy shopping!!


Simi X

4 thoughts on “New YouTube Channel + Giveaway

    1. Nooooo the video is so gross….I’ve had to re-think my filming method!! Thanks though šŸ™‚

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