Heat damage!!!!

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My letter to the straightener

Dear straightener,

Why did you have to be so addictive? It all started when exams were over, we had one finally week to party hard before our lives as freshers were over. I decided that this week I was going to make a huge effort with my appearance especially my hair(big mistake). Everyday for 4 days I straightened and curled my natural locks (without heat protection)to give it some edge for the upcoming events.

I’m not going to lie I absolutely loved the way it turned out but I wasn’t going to be smiling for long.
As the week came to an end so did my parade and I decided it was time for a deep condition, THEN IT HIT ME.
After the whole deep condition treatment I realised that my hair wasn’t it’s usual “springy” self even though I’m a 4 c. I was happy to see that most of my hair retained it’s natural curl until I saw that there were some prominent parts that looked relaxed. I started to panic.

I eventually stumbled upon some YouTube videos hoping and praying for an answer and luckiy enough I found a protein treatment video. Due to my laziness I couldn’t be bothered to go out and buy anything for my protein treatment formula so I decided to “work with what I had” ( which was a mix of natural yogurt, shear butter, aloe Vera juice and an egg).
I left the mixture on my hair over night and washed it of in the morning and then deep conditioned it again (Dr miracles deep conditioner btw).

Just like magic some of my hair had started to regain it’s bounce and I was honestly over the moon ( I definitely wasn’t going to start this natural journey again). Thank you straightener for all you have taught me and in this case experience is the best teacher.

Many thanks for reading this and hope it helps you


P.s I still need to do a few more treatments before I can see “near to perfect” results but I’m willing to wait.

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