Oh Curl Challenge Day !5: Curl Crush

Hello my Lovelies,

Today’s quick post will be about my curl crush, there are so many people that have gorgeous hair that its hard to choose. I like to say I have 2 main curl crushes, one that is my hair type and one that isn’t.

For the one that isn’t my hair type I would choose Mahogany curls.


holiday hair twisted messy bun
Pic From the Mahogany curls website, isn’t she a cutie


She has the best twist-outs, braid outs, flexi rod outs…etc in the type 3/4 range. Her hair is always so shiny and bouncy and lovely and her curls got a girl crushing.


In the type 4 area, I just love CharyJay, her curl definition in her styles is off the chain!!! Type 4 hair has a different look to other types when styled, and she takes that fact and runs with it. Her hair is gorge:

Pic from naturallycurly.com Just look at those curls!! ❤


Both girls have youtube channels: CharyJay and MahoganyCurls.




I wanna hear what you think

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