Why is my Hair Not Growing Series: Episode 1 Your Hair is Growing


Official Icon of this series
Official Icon of this series 😉


Welcome to  my new series called ‘Why  is my Hair Not Growing’. It will focus on major issues faced by the typical Nigerian woman with natural (and relaxed hair). More and more people have decided to go natural in Nigeria especially in Lagos, but after being taken in by the glorious manes of our American and British counterparts, they have found that maybe the grass isn’t greener on the natural side.


People who have been natural the same time as me and even longer than me, come to me complaining that their hair should at the very least be my length and, best case scenario, be a good few inches longer. Now i’m not saying that I have all the answers, but i’m certain I have at least one or two. Going natural should only be the beginning of the story, but some have taken that to be the first and only step to achieving healthy and lengthy hair.


Relaxed and natural chicas tell me that their hair would be a particular length if it didn’t grow so slowly, or if it grew at all. Well, i’m here to tell you that your hair IS growing. If relaxed, you wouldn’t need a touch up if there wasn’t new growth to straighten. For the natural, if your hair didn’t grow then surely you would have had no hair when you decided to big chop /mini chop /transition.


When you refuse to acknowledge that it’s you that’s the problem and not your rate of growth and genetics, you put the blame on things beyond your control and that means you can’t do anything about it. By accepting that you need to change something, you are taking back that control and are ready to arm yourself with things to reverse this problem.


So the first step in this series is to acknowledge that your hair is growing. So we understand this point, now what? In the next episode of the series, we’re going to examine why it looks as though our hair isn’t growing.

Hope you enjoyed this episode!!




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