Product review: Rhassoul Shampoo Bar & Lemon and Honey Black Soap Paste

Hey guys,

I’ve been using these products for a while and I thought I’d review them for you, especially because they’re made here in Nigeria.

First up is the Rhassoul clay shampoo bar by Bubbles and Scents.


Ingredients: saponified oils of Shea butter, Palm kernel, coconut, cocoa butter, grapeseed, castor and beeswax. rhassoul clay, fragrance, color.

Now, I’m aware that this product seems to have a lot of ‘saponified oils’and the clay seems to be at the bottom of the list. However, you do have to remember that a) this is a shampoo bar, so the saponified oils are necessary forthis purpose and b) even when using clay you tend to mix it with other things like water or aloe Vera juice or even Apple cider vinegar.

Thoughts: I love this product, it lathers easily, and even though I’ve used it about once a week for the past 4 months I’ve still got about 2/3 left. My hair isn’t very dense but it’s almost bra strap length so there’s still quite a lot of it.

The bar cleans most of the left over product residue and leaves my hair (not squeaky) clean. I find that if I’ve been a bit heavy handed with my products I need to lather twice.

It also lathers up really nicely and has a faint kind of earthy smell which isn’t strong at all. Afterwards, my hair is left soft, not stripped and it slightly defines my curls especially the looser section.

All in all I love it And the best part is that not only is it made and owned by a Nigerian based company, it’s only N800 (less than 3 quid)!! When I manage to finish it, I’ll definitely be buying another.

Next is the Lemon and Honey Black Soap Paste also by Bubbles and Scents.


Ingredients: Saponified Palm oil, vicious pods, plantain husks, Shea butter soap, lemon peel powder, kaolin clay, vitamin C, honey, aloe Vera, distilled water, lemon essential oil, Orange essential oil, lime essential oil.

Thoughts: this is a more jazzed up version of your normal black soap. One thing I like about it is that it’s a paste rather than a normal bar. Because I use it for both hair and skin, I don’t have to be rubbing my face on which every products I used the week before, and it being ina paste eliminates that problem.

It’s very good at getting all the products out of my hair but out does seem to leave my hair feeling slightly stripped. Because im now trying out the maximum hydration method, I’ve only been using the shampoo bar as my clay part of the routine and I haven’t been able to try it after using a pre-poo treatment to see whether that would would alleviate the dry feeling I get after using it. When I deep condition afterwards, my hair is still soft and manageable, so the dry feeling doesn’t last long.

You only need to use the absolute tiniest amount in both your hair and skin, and it comes in a small jar. I’m not sure that I’ll ever finish using it, and I got it for the measly amount of N1,500 (about £6)

I’m not sure if I’d repurchase just yet, but I have plenty of time to decide 😉

So if you’re free, check out bubbles and scents at any of these stores.

Hope you enjoyed this review 😉



7 thoughts on “Product review: Rhassoul Shampoo Bar & Lemon and Honey Black Soap Paste

    1. Well I’ve modified it and also done it the way stated, each way had its advantages and disadvantages, but so far it’s not looking too bad. When I’ve done it a few more times I’ll definitely put up a post

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