The max hydration method: Is it for you?

I was casually looking at hair videos on YouTube, when I stumbled on something called the ‘Max Hydration Method’. It promised to show true curls in the kinkiest of 4c hair and I was intrigued by the proposed results of the method.

One example of mhm results
One example of mhm results

The whole ‘defined curls’ thing didn’t strike me at first, I was more focused on people talking about less single and multi strand knots. I suffer from these a lot because my hair likes to shed and wrap itself really tightly around other strands causing lengthy de-tangling sessions. It seemed to consist of a 5 step regimen every 3 days with a ‘Cherry Lola treatment’ every few weeks, or as needed.

Another pic for ya
Another pic for ya

So I decided to try it.

At first I thought, no way i’m doing this every day/3 days and I incorporated it into my weekly wash routine. First things first, I don’t have all the products needed for this method so I decided to swap as best as I could. The first few times I forgot to buy yoghurt, so I used conditioner/deep conditioner. There was no real noticeable difference except from the fact that my hair felt super soft and moisturised. I did a three strand twist out and it was just awesome, it stayed moisturized for a full 10 days and that’s when I decided to do it properly.



So I started with the Cherry Lola: Baking Soda, Yoghurt, Soy Sauce(as a sub for aminos, i’ve heard used it for protein treatments so i didn’t mind) and honey. I left it on for about 2 hours before washing it off and continuing on to step 2. I noticed a big improvement in curl definition when I had washed everything out.

Step 2: I co-washed with my Herbal Essence Totally Twisted conditioner and de-tangled with a comb.

Step 3: Used my Rhassoul Clay Bar for the clay step.

Step 4: I used my Giovanni Direct Leave-In as my leave-in.

Step 5: Used Eco Styler Gel as my gel.

If you follow the strict MHM method, most of the products I used are not allowed because it follows a strict no silicones/sulfates etc regimen. I however have no problem with some of those ingredients, so I do not mind.

These are my results so far:

Day 1 on the left, before on the right.

Day 1

Before on the left, after on the right
comparison 4
Slowly but surely,hair is smoother, less frizzy and less tangled

Day 2


Definitely smoother on day 3
Definitely smoother on day 3


My thoughts?: So far i’ve only done the MHM properly 3 times, and only every three days. My products have varied throughtout because i found that right after my clay rinse my hair was left a bit stripped, so i’m trying to change my conditioner/baking soda concentration to try and avoid that. Nevertheless, after i’ve  finished step 5 and my hair dries, it’s always soft but i’d rather have soft hair throughout.

Also, after using a comb on the second day I realised that this just frizzes my hair up, and I didnt really need to comb detangle because the hair was quite detangled already. So from now on, I just finger detangle and it seems more than enough. I have less single strand knots, and the ones I have found so far have been easier to detangle.

All in all, I don’t believe you need to do this every 3 days if you just want smoother hair/less tangles. If, however, you want the curl definition and to do wash and goes instead of more set styles like twist-outs then every three days or more frequently could be good for you.

That my max hydration method experience so far. Tell me how you find it if you decide to try!!






4 thoughts on “The max hydration method: Is it for you?

  1. Thank you for sharing your MHM.
    The many rules for the method are a big turn off, and so it’s really great how you’re doing it your way. I’m now inspired to try it with the things I have- maybe dedicate one weekend to it, or one washday, and see how that goes.

    1. Thanks hun! I’m glad you enjoyed it, i’m thinking I need to do an update soon though.

      If you think about it mhm consists of the normal steps of a wash day, it’s just the ingredients and products that make it seem so tedious and time consuming. So I tried to follow as closely as possible without killing myself, because life is too short to spend an entire Saturday washing and styling your hair!! The benefits still show when you do it on a weekly basis, so it’s not necessary in my opinion to do it as often as she states.

      Let me know how it goes for you!

  2. I’m doing this right now. Really enjoying it. Trying to work out what the differences are between the columns displaying the photos. Is one with ingredients you adapted and is the other following the strict product instruction?

    1. They’re actually different days, at this point I had just begun. Each ‘day’ is a wash day, there isnt much difference between them though. I have different results now though, i think I’ll showcase them soon.



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