Blog Makeover + My birthday!!


Regular readers of this blog and even those that come by once in a while would have noticed that the blog has had a complete transformation. I wanted a fresher and cleaner look for the blog and decided to go for this theme. I hope you like it! I also included a new logo and banner which I created myself, and I love them. But if there is anything you think I should change, please don’t hesitate to contact me πŸ˜€

Now to my birthday!

Last week Tuesday I turned a year older *cough * 16 *cough* haha and I initially went to celebrate with my close family at a Chinese restaurant in Victoria Island. My whole family loves Chinese food, so it was definitely a treat. I got a few nice presents and I went to bed feeling like the day was successful (apart from the fact my sister wasn’t there).


Went for the corporate look :D
Went for the corporate look πŸ˜€
Me and my budding photographer hehehe


The next day however , I was blown away to find that my mum had secretly gone through my phone and invited my friends for a surprise birthday party! I had no idea whatsoever, in fact my aunt even tricked me into preparing some of the food for the party claiming it was for the house.

I arrived at the house thinking I was going to show face because my pastor was visiting, and I was met with some giggling smiley faces shouting SURPRISE!!!!! I was so shocked, and almost shed a tear or two because I was so happy :D. Unfortunately, because I wasn’t expecting anything glamorous I arrived in my trusty shirt and jeans combo, thankfully I had decided to put my hair up into a puff instead of leaving it like a lions mane, that could have been majorly embarrassing.


cake cake cake....
cake cake cake….
Cute look right?
Cute look right?
some of my NYSC buds
some of my NYSC buds

All in all my friends and family had a good time, and I had a good time πŸ˜€ and it more than made up for me having to spend a birthday away from my closest friends (like Wendy who I have celebrated my birthday with for the last 4 years 😦 )

I think I ate a bit too much though, post-birthday diet anyone??



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