Marley Twists

Hi guys!


After weeks of doing nothing but wash n go’s , mini twists and twist out, I was getting very bored with my hair. Wash days were becoming a pain, detangling was done very infrequently and not at all properly, deep conditioning was scarce and I was just losing all patience with anything hair-related (including this blog *hides face*).

Well, after I got off from work early, and found that there was no traffic, I decided to visit a shopping complex near me to maybe find a new product to inspire me. That’s when I got the flash of inspiration in the form of some kinky extensions, and I thought to myself, why not do some Marley twists? My initial problem was the colour, my hair isn’t black, more a dark brown but all the shops only seemed to stock colour 1 and colour 30, which is almost bright blonde.

Also I could only find kinky extensions, rather than Marley braiding hair which left me feeling discouraged. After visiting the 5th hair shop I was ready to go back home, but just as I was walking towards the car I saw a store that seemed to deal only in weaves and extensions and hoped to maybe find something to fill in the gap. Lo and behold she had Marley hair, but she too only had black hair, I was about to buy it when in the corner of my eye I saw kinky extensions in colour 4 which is my absolute favourite colour! Yay me. They also happened to be quite a bit cheaper than the Marley hair.


So I got home, washed and prepared my hair for braiding, and asked an aunt who is supposedly a hairdresser to help me attach the braids. The main reason I asked her was because I had started a bit late,hadn’t quite gotten the hang of twisting, and my parts weren’t quite right. She complained about the thickness and texture of my hair, even though hers is also natural and my hair was blow dried. Anyways, when she finished, I noticed that the hair looked like I had done it myself, and not that well either, which I thought was apalling for a self – proclaimed hairdresser. Thank goodness I didn’t have to pay, I’d have asked her to start all over again.


Well, I rocked the jacked up twists for a week and still got a lot of compliments, however those that knew better didn’t hesitate to tell me that I needed to refresh the twists, and that I did. Last night I properly learnt how to twist and redid every twist, to make sure they were all uniform and fresh looking. So now I can say look at my self-installed Marley twists! I used the invisible root method and didn’t cut the hair at all, which has them about boob length, you like?









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