No more Marley Twists

Hello guys,

This is just a quick check in to say that I’ve taken out my marley twists.  Usually I’d have a protective style in for ay least 5 weeks but a) it was already starting to look rough and b) i did them myself  so i didnt feel any type of way about getting my money’s worth because i didnt pay.





It was fun while it lasted, and it really did help me relieve some of my hair frustration. Unfortunately I’m still somewhat indifferent about my hair and because of that i haven’t done anything except detangle and oil my hair and put it back up into twists with my own hair. I noticed that the ends were looking a bit raggedy, so i might have to trim it.


My hair has grown a bit compared to my last length check, i reckon I’m almost full bsl, but i refuse to straighten it and see properly in this humidity  because it’ll be puffy again in less than an hour. I’m not intending to leave my hair out for too long, my next protective style should be coming up in the next two weeks.



Until then, i think i’ll either do some three strand twists or a nice updo, just something to keep my hand out of my hair for a while.



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