New Facebook Page

Hi there,

So we just opened up a new Facebook page, just to get our name out there a bit more I guess, please like it ;). Since we don’t have an instagram (way too much effort) we’ll most likely put our daily pictures on there instead. My lil sis seems to be back on board…we’ll see how long that lasts but she’s going to add a new dimension to the blog in form of beauty.

Now, we know that this blog is meant to be a hair blog, but I think a lil sprinkle of beauty here and there will be a nice change from the norm. I don’t particularly wear a lot of makeup, and neither does she, but we were appalled at just how much make-up some black women put on just to look a few shades lighter. One diva put on 9 different eye shadows, for a ‘neutral’ look…9!!! That’s ridiculous, so we’re going to focus on looking good, without caking it on.



Hopefully, you’ll like it and any tips and suggestions are welcome and appreciated. 😀



I wanna hear what you think

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