Perm Rod-ding it!

Hey curlies!

I had started to notice that my hair was looking dull, and was breaking off near the bottom. If I’m supposed to get more than one use out of it, then I can’t let it happen for much longer, so i decided to wash only the weave on the weekend.

I started off by sectioning the weave int two sections, left and right. I then put them up into two buns, to keep them off my face while I was washing.

To wash the hair, I diluted about a squirt of Dr. Bronners Peppermint Castile Liquid Soap in approximately two cups of water. Castile soap needs to be diluted before use, but how much you dilute it is up to you. When I washed the first section, it didn’t lather up enough for my liking, but the dirt was still coming off. When I had rinsed both sections with water, I decided to dilute another squirt of soap with only a cup of water. This lathered up a more and the water ran clear when I rinsed.


Tools I used
What I used

After this I used my to deep condition the hair for about 10 mins. To be honest, I don’t know whether this had much of an effect on the final hair because, the hair has been long cut off from nutrients and the like. However, it did feel better and smoother than it did straight after washing, so the deep conditoning must have helped.

With the deep conditioner in
With the deep conditioner in

After deep conditioning, I was about to use curlformers to style the hair, but I couldn’t find them in my rush. So, instead of curlformers, I opted to use perm rods. Something I hadn’t used in years! I didn’t use any product to set the hair before starting, as I didn’t want the hair to be weighed down. I used two different types of perm rod, the smallest and second smallest types available. I tried to use the bigger ones at the bottom but sometimes I just used whatever I had in my hand. The whole thing from wash to finished style took less than a football match to finish (I was watching Liverpool but didn’t really time when I started).


Since I started when my hair was still soaking wet I had to leave them in overnight, and the next morning I was paranoid that the hair might not be fully dry so i gave it a quick blast with the hairdryer (which I realised would make the style last a bit longer). This is what I was working with for church this morning.

Thanksgiving sunday
Thanksgiving sunday

You like?



10 thoughts on “Perm Rod-ding it!

  1. Hi Simi,

    I’m new to your blog but i love the bits i’ve read so far…Heard about your blog while reading about the NITC9 meeting on so i thought i’d come visit…:-)

    I’ve been transitioning for 7 months and i love the “waaaaaohhhhh you made that yourself’ comments and stares i get from my colleague at work. My best project yet is my daughter’s hair. she is about 30 months old with the most beautiful afro hair i’ve ever seen on a kid her best homemade product for her hair is sheabutter mixed with coconut oil: works like MAGIC!

    Kk, enough yapping…..lemme read some more articles…..

    my name is Veronica, by the way!

    1. Hi veronica! Im so glad that you’re enjoying you and your daughter’s natural hair journey. Keep reading, and i hope you keep enjoying the articles.



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