Are you ever coming back?

Hi curlies,

In my last post I talked about perm rod-ding the weave I had. The Curls were soft and bouncy the whole day, and people complimented me a lot. To preserve the curls, I put the hair into a pineapple and put a silk scarf over it. However the next day, The curls had fallen flat and the hair looked kind of frizzy and dull. I managed to get it acceptable state but I didn’t really think that it looked half is good as it did the day before. This may or may not have been a result of me not using any product to set the girls so the next time I am going to try with either a Styler or maybe an oil, just to see how the hair reacts.


Now, this is the third week with the weave and a lot of people have asked me whether I am not going to stay natural anymore and they’ve asked me why I decided not to stay natural. This surprised me because most of the people asking these questions are relaxed or guys that seem to have a preference for a straight hair. Most of the guys then went on to say that they preferred me with my hair in natural looking styles. So my Marley twists, wash n goes and my three strand twists are what they thought I looked best in.

Natural is hawt!!

To be honest, this really boosted my confidence in wearing natural hair here, I almost got the impression that people didn’t really like my hair apart from people who were already natural. But now that I’ve gotten this verbal affirmation that it suits me I feel like I’d be a lot more willing to rock a lot more styles.


Apart from the perm rods I have tried curl formers in the weave and I noticed that the curls were a lot more elongated and not as tight and they lasted a lot longer. I had the curls for about four days until I washed it and did the perm rods. Curl formers definitely take a lot less time to dry, I’m talking about two hours compared to overnight with the perm rods. In both cases I did use a dryer at the end but not longer than 10 minutes.




I wanna hear what you think

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