Natural Hair Myths Busted: Is Scab Hair Real?

Hey Curlies,

Today, I’m going to focus on something that was a big issue around the time I first decided to go natural (wow, so long ago!) scab hair. For those who don’t know, scab hair is termed as the hair that grows after you decided to stop using chemicals on your hair, what we would call “new growth”. Some people have noticed that after growing their hair for years or more, the texture on their head changes from what it used to be at the beginning of their journey.


Because of this change, curlies around the world have hypothesized that the chemicals that had been applied to our scalp in the past had been absorbed, causing the new hair to be coarser and drier than it should be. The amount of time that goes by before the hair starts reverting back differs greatly with some saying it took almost three years for a change to be seen. Others feel that it is because after beginning the hair journey, we tend to take better care of our hair, and it is the increased moisture that improves the texture of our hair.

Started from the bottom
Started from the bottom…

I firmly believe in the scab hair theory, I transitioned for only 5 months before big chopping. Most of my hair was frizzy and 4b in texture, with only the very back showing curls of any kind. Fast forward to almost 3 years later and now all of my head exhibits curls of some sort, and while the back section is still the curliest section, the hair is smoother and looser than it was before. I can attribute the looser texture to the length of my hair, but everything else cannot be explained by only length.

I never really took texture shots back in the day, mainly because I hadn’t started blogging yet and I didn’t really care about it. Additionally some of my new-found ‘curl definition’ could actually be as a result of using the Max Hydration Method But even then, before the MHM I knew how my curl would look, it has never gotten looser during my use of the method, only more defined. Either way, everyone’s experience is different so don’t take anybody’s own experience as gospel!

...Now we here!
…Now we here!

So these are my words of encouragement for all my natural sisters, your hair may be hard to manage and giving you all sorts of issues at the moment because it’s dry and coarse. But, I promise if you stick at it, it will get easier,and your hair will flourish!



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