Back to basics: small twists

Hey curlies (and non curlies )

Twists and its many variations are like the poster style for every type of natural girl. You’ve got mini twists,  rope twists, flat twists,  large twists,  small twists,  the strand twists etc.

I think that the reason they’re so popular is that  they can be really simple like large twists or really intricate like flat twisted styles
So they’re perfect for the beginner whos not so good at styling yet but also for the long term naturalista who has been there done that. Twisted styles can also be considered protective styles and can  keep your hair tucked away for a few  days or even up to a few weeks.

This week, after wondering what i could do to keep my hair out of the way, i decided to do some small twists. Now, i define ‘small twists ‘ as twists smaller than your average chunky twists, but definitely larger than mini twists, think about 15-50 twists.

I’m currently in a situation where i dont have access to my normal hair products so i didnt use anything special.  But sometimes I like to be simple and not overcomplicate what I’m  doing and the results are even more satisfying.


After co-washing my hair with Elasta QP Intense conditioner,  i sprayed my hair lightly with a concentrated mix of aloe vera juice and water. Then, on the individual twisting sections,  i applied a bit of Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and  twisted the section up into a tight two-strand twist and thats it! No fuss and no nonsense.


I actually enjoy wearing my twists in, which is why I make them small and i’ve kept them in since then, except from a small section at the front that I untwisted. First I left it as a side fringe (or a bang for my American readers) but I got caught in the rain and had to pin it into some pompadour/quiff mix, you like?




5 thoughts on “Back to basics: small twists

    1. Mine took about 2 hours on my own, but its worth it because i havwnt done much to it in about 10 days! Try it out, you might just like it and thanks 😊

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