Makeup Addict: Improving Your Skin Under The Makeup


I think one of the major reasons why some people won’t be caught dead without their makeup is that their skin underneath has a lot of blemishes and imperfections. Anyone who hasn’t seen me in the past year or so is thinking ‘ why is Simi saying they, when her skin is quite bad too?’ Well, i was introduced to a new regime around December 2013 and realised the importance of a good skin care routine, especially if you have sensitive or problematic skin. These are the main ways I improved the appearance and texture of my skin:

Stop chopping and changing!!!!:  I think this is by far the most important thing to understand, you can never fully appreciate whether a routine is working for you if you aren’t consistent with it. Stick with your products for at least a month if it’s a normal cleansing routine. If your skin is particularly bad, or you are trying to fade dark marks or scars it is suggested to wait up to three months. If you are inconsistent, you will not see the true effect of your routine.


Be aware of ‘purging’: It is widely accepted that some products may cause ‘purging’ soon after their initial use. However, I would be sceptical of a product that cause purging for longer than a week or so. Your skin can react to a change in products so a small reaction by your skin is to be expected. But, if your skin seems to be getting progressively worse and you’re seeing even more blackheads and the like than normal, then I suggest you stop using it before it causes lasting damage.

Good quality does not necessarily mean expensive:  currently I use the clinique system (gifted) as my skin routine by day, and some Lancôme samples I received by night. Clinique is by no means cheap, but they are definitely not expensive and they are good value for money. I have been using my current clinique cleanser for over a year now, and I have just about another month left before it runs out. I use the toner less frequently, but even so, I have only used a third and as for the lotion, I still have just under half left. The total 3 step costs about $66 (N15000, £75) and lasts for over a year which is about N1,250 monthly. You can make it last even longer and save even more money, if you can’t spend N15,000 on your skin and face but you can buy N20,000 weave (and that’s cheap) then you need to examine your priorities. That said, if you really can’t spare that amount of money, there are plenty of other less expensive brands like Neutrogena, Clean & Clear and even natural remedies like black soap and olive oil.

Drink more water:  yes, we all knew this, but who wants to drink 8 cups of water a day? I can barely drink half a cup with a meal, if I drank all that, I would never eat. The key to this sentence is ‘more’, If you were drinking a cup of water a day, start drinking 2, if you were drinking 2, drink 3. It’s as simple as that, carry a water flask, if need be put a timer on your phone, ask for water instead of soft drinks with your meal, it all adds up.

The areas in the light are the problem areas.
The areas in the light were the problem areas…not anymore!!!

Always take your makeup off: makeup isn’t good for your skin, so it’s best to take it off as soon as it’s no longer needed. I hate this step and would conveniently forget to do this if I didn’t find a saviour. Baby wipes are a quick, yet effective way to take off your makeup without needing to go for a full wash (that should happen just before bed). They’re cheaper than makeup wipes and are good for sensitive skin.

Clean your makeup brushes (and tools): anything and everything can become the breeding ground for bacteria, but most things are washed quite often. Makeup brushes are frequently overlooked because you only use them for a few seconds at a time, bacteria can grow on all the left over makeup so it’s important to clean all your makeup tools about once a week.

Stop touching your face: Hands get dirty, fact. You touch your ear, eat, go to the loo, touch a table. Who knows what’s lurking on those surfaces waiting to make its home in your skin (ew!). Dirt can be transferred easily from your hands to your face, so it’s best to keep your hands off your face unless freshly washed and even then, only unless necessary.

Don’t overdo it: One thing that most people don’t realise is the body likes to regulate itself, and when we mess with the balance it tends to overcompensate. Using too much cleanser can dry your skin out and in turn make it produce more oil. Too much exfoliation and the skin becomes irritated and raw, so you can’t even touch it. Too much moisturiser and your skin becomes greasy and clogged, causing more blemishes to appear. Moderation  is key, start small and then build up to what your skin can handle.

Here are my best tips, enjoy!



12 thoughts on “Makeup Addict: Improving Your Skin Under The Makeup

  1. I’m guilty of touching my face, forgetting to wash makeup tools, not drinking enough water and sleeping in my makeup. Baby wipes have helped curb my sleeping in makeup.
    Great tips!
    I’m guilty of touching my face, forgetting to wash makeup tools, not drinking enough water and sleeping in my makeup.
    Great tips!

    Nigerian and Natural

  2. Good tips, Simi!
    I’m currently in the struggle for flawless skin myself.
    My face has stabilised somewhat, but I still break out.
    I’m using a Clearasil facial wash now and I’m not convinced that it’s great. Still on it though.
    My acne is annoying and tends to follow a cycle. I have zits in the same spot all the time, I have a scar on the side of my nose that looks like I once had a rough piercing there but no, perpetual acne. I think they may be following some hormonal cycle.
    Last year, I had a brief spell of clear skin (at least the best I’ve had in a while) and that was during my clean eating and fitfam episode which I’m trying to get back on. Will try to get back on that saddle, but I’ll also keep the Clinique system in mind. Merci! x

    1. Yes this was me! My whole forehead used to be darker than the rest of my face from just how many scars there were. I actually forgot to mention 2 things one being food. I discovered I was lactose intolerant and when I eat too much I get breakouts and rashes. If your face got clearer during clean eating it could suggest that it’s a food you’re eating that doesn’t agree with you. It might be worth seeing your doctor as well.

      The second is exfoliation, using a gentle toner (the non bleaching kind) daily and a non abrasive scrub bi-weekly can fade dark marks over time and prevent more breakouts by unclogging dirt from your pores. Scrubs with large particles are bad and cause small tears in your skin, look for a more gentle scrub.

      I’ve actually heard about clearasil drying out some people’s skin so maybe it really isn’t that great. Hopefully you’ll find the balance your skin needs soon and won’t have to stress yourself 😊 good luck!

  3. Great tips. I am guilty of most of the sins. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I gat work to do. Will start off my wiping my make up off before bed.

    1. I still fall into old habits too, but my skin looks so much better now that i come back into the light much quicker haha. Good luck!

    1. Yes! they are gentle because they’re meant for babies, and you can get sensitive ones if you have sensitive skin. Another thing to note is that they are usually a lot less expensive than make-up wipes so you get more value for money!

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