What’s in my bag?

So I was tagged to do this post by the lovely Alex of The Lazy Natural and its taken me a while because I had to de-litter my bag, it was filled with nonsensical things that I would never show you guys 😝. Without further ado let’s begin:


1. My wallet: I got this on holiday in Spain in this haul. It wasn’t too expensive at €8.99 and was really good value for money because two years after, it looks as good as new.

2. My not-really-sunglasses sunglasses: I have some funky eyes. I can’t see in the sun or any bright situation, but I can’t wear sunglasses at night because then it’s too dark. These are polarizing sunglasses so the reduce the amount of light coming in without actually making my vision darker.

3. My makeup bag: I also got this on holiday in Spain. The white stitching is a bit off Colour but it still looks pretty good.

4. Loose change: I’m not a fan of cash, I’d rather be living the contactless card life. So whenever I get change, my wallet is already closed. Extra change just swims around my bag, which is great for the toll gate not to good for my bags tidiness.

5. Ipad mini 2: I got this as a present, and I find it much more convenient to write posts on the go because it’s much bigger than my phone so it’s easier to add pictures.

6. Wall/USB charger: I hate when my devices run low so I make sure i’m prepared.

7. Keys: Pretty explanatory don’t ya think?

8. Body Spray: With all this Lagos heat and sweat, I feel a bit funky sometimes. This body spray does a great job of restoring my oh-so fresh feeling.

9. Vaseline Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Cream: It smelled delicious in the store and was only N200!!! I thought it would be a crime not to buy it. They have a bigger version for N500 that I keep in my car, because the AC really dries my skin out.

And there you have it, that’s whats in my bag!


(PS I reposted to show the picture and edits)


5 thoughts on “What’s in my bag?

    1. Would you believe I forgot to add a picture before scheduling the post 😌🙈. It will be added soon 😃

    1. This one is actually in cream form from the GAME on the island, but I actually forgot to add the mini Vaseline cocoa butter tub I carry around for my lips that I got from Shoprite for only N100. I’m in love with the cocoa 😂😂😂

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