Makeup Addict: Good skin on a small budget.


I have had bad skin for years, from when I was about 11 to as recently as last week and I would definitely say that it’s genetic. Amazing skin doesn’t run in my family, and I’m not expecting to get to that level, but what I have achieved at least is clear skin. On a good day, when I’ve been consistent with my regimen and I’m not experiencing any hormonal difficulties my skin tone is even and my face is soft, smooth and free from (obvious) blemishes. On a bad day, I’m breaking out in rashes spots and blackheads, my skin is dry and rough to the touch and no amount of face cream can soften it up.


Way before I discovered my skin regimen, notice the discolouration and blemishes
Everything was going well until that disrespectful spot came to the party 😧

The skincare business is worth billions of whatever currency you fancy, various companies trying to convince you that their ‘natural’ not-so-natural products are the best for you and will help you achieve xyz. However, a lot of the chemicals in their products are not good for you and can actually end up hurting your skin. I try not to use the products have drifted towards more natural ingredients for my face which i’ll discuss in another post. The points below have helped me maintain the texture of my face and keep it mostly spot free:

1.   Get a routine, be consistent with it

This step is pretty simple, even if you’re only doing the barest minimum to your face, if you’re consistent with it you will see results. Resolving to wash your face every day/night and moisturising after is a good place to start. After you get used to this, you can then add another step like using toner/exfoliating.

2.   Make sure you’re taking care of all of your facial needs

The Koreans are famous for having a 10-17-step skincare regime. This may seem a lot to those of us who can barely manage to take off our make-up before bed, however they carry out all these steps with good reason. Each step is not carried out every day, but is tailored to what they feel their skin needs on any given day. Take the steps you think are necessary for your skin and put then into a regimen  These are the most common steps taken in no particular order:

  1. Oil based cleanser
  2. Foam based cleanser
  3. Toner
  4. Essence
  5. Oil Serum
  6. Anti-aging serum
  7. Cream serum
  8. Facial massage
  9. pressure points
  10. Masks
  11. Exfoliator
  12. Eye cream
  13. Moisturiser
  14. Sun cream
  15. Mist
  16. Facial

3.   Dilute it

I am currently transitioning into using mostly natural products for my skincare routine. Unfortunately, the last time I bought products, I stocked up so I have a whole lot to go through. The way I try to minimise any negative damage is by diluting the products before I use them. For example, for my face wash, I dilute it to a ratio of 1 part soap to 3 parts water. Doing this means I get a quarter of the normal amount with each pump and I find this is still more than enough to get my face clean. This also works if you’re trying to make your products last a lot longer.

4.   You are what you eat

We hear this all the time so I won’t bore you with this. eating healthy food means healthier looking skin. As well as this, you may notice that your skin reacts when you eat certain foods. I am lactose intolerant, and my face shows it’s displeasure anytime I eat dairy by breaking out in spots or a rash. It’s definitely worth taking the time to note these down and restrict your diet from items that your body doesn’t agree with.

5.   Natural is better

I agree with this statement maybe 80% or so. Yes, natural products are more likely to be good for your skin, but just because a product is ‘natural’ doesn’t necessarily mean that your skin will like it. Substances like henna and pure essential oils can cause major skin reactions and even burns on your skin if care is not taken. Always do a patch test 24 hours before you plan to use a new ingredient on your skin. Better safe than sorry.


Here you are girlies, my 5 tips for better skin!





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