Where To Find: My Hair Products

Hey guys,

Today, I’m talking about where I go to get my products. As a former product junkie, I’ve learnt to control my impulse buying and whittled my products down to a small but powerful stash. Because I’m so stuck on particular products (with a few exceptions) it’s important to know where I can get my next bottle. A list of my current products can be found on My current regimen page which shows a list of the things I currently use, here’s where to buy them :



Olori is an online hair and beauty mega store that sells almost every popular natural hair product under the sun. You can find a good number of the most sought after products including henna and clays. Here are the products they sell that are in my current stash:

  • As I am coconut co-wash
  • Dr Bronners peppermint castile soap
  • Beautiful textures moisture butter whipped curl cream
  • Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie


Screenshot 2017-03-27 at 18.00.54
CasaBella is a beauty haven chock full of makeup and hair products. They only have walk-in stores for now but there are plenty of stores so you don’t have to miss out.
  • Elasta QP Glaze
  • Vitale Olive oil hair mayonnaise
  • Herbal Essences hello hydration conditioner


Sahara Sunrise
Sahara Sunrise is a company that creates hair and skin products using only natural ingredients. Their products smell so good and they won’t put too big of a dent in your pocket either.
  • Bentonite clay shampoo bar
  • Lemon and honey black soap paste

These are the products that you can pretty much get in any grocery/health/natural hair store. There are so many brands and types that i’d rather let you make your own choice.

  • Whipped shea butter
  • Extra virgin olive oil
Jumia – online shopping in Nigeria for electronics, mobiles, fashion & more

Jumia is an online department store selling everything from baby toys to kitchen ware and car accesories. There’s a lot to choose from in this site so you may get lost, but they do have quite a comprehensive naturalista-friendly section that you could check out. You can buy the products below straight from the links underneath (I get some commission if you do, so get buying pretty please :D)

There you go, this is where I get the majority of my natural hair products, where do you get yours? (Don’t forget to buy something from Jumia!!)





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