Living The Braids Life

Hey guys, guess who’s back!

Earlier this year, I got my favourite waist length braids done again. It’s become a staple for me to do these braids at least once a year, and i’ve spoke of my love for them on the other blog  that got deleted (I’ve kept you guys in the dark about this, but i’m sure you’ve noticed *sigh*).


I got them done in the same place as last time, a salon in Ajah, and got 4 packs of hair from Eko/Idumota market for N300 each (a bargain!). However, it seemed like there was a bit of a mix up because only 3 of the 4 packs were in my normal colour 4 whilst the last  pack was in colour which is bright purple. Luckily the hairdresser said she’d mix the purple pack in as she went on so it wouldn’t be too obvious.

Unfortunately I didn’t get many pictures of the hair, I guess I was too busy enjoying it.





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