Straightening my hair?


So, a few weeks back, I posted about straightening my hair soon. Yet, there’s been no post about it. Why you ask? Well, it might have something to do with the fact that after deep conditioning, and blowing out my hair, the straighteners exploded in my hand, just as i was about to put on my hair.

So yeah, even though I almost died (a day before my 19th Birthday) it wasn’t a total waste of 7 hours though. This is because although i have extremely low porosity hair, for the first time ever, my blown out hair felt soft and smooth. Normally, my hair is brittle and dry after blowdrying and when i looked on Youtube about how to alleviate this, I found that the using the cold option on my hair dryer was the only way. However, cold air doesn’t quite get my hair as straight as I want it, because my hair only does what it wants to do and because I have a lot of it (which is the cause of most of my hair problems).

I thought long and hard about what I did that was different this time. Why is it that my hair felt amazing, even though it was crispier than a McDonalds apple pie before i started the whole process?

Well, I’m still not sure, but I will highlight everything I did throughout the process below.

Step 1: Beforehand

So basically my previous hairstyle before I decided to straighten it was a 4 week old wash’n’go (hehe) because I am so lazy. My wash’n’gos however, aren’t really that concerned about definition. I only apply leave in and oil to my hair and then i throw it in a puff, occasionally laying my edges when I feel like it. Therefore, my hair wasn’t in prime condition for straightening but it was my 19th and i wanted it straight so I decided to fix it.

Step 2: Deep Conditioning

The first thing I did was deep condition using Organics Africas Best Cholesterol Tea Tree Oil. I put it in my hair quite late at night and then covered my hair with a plastic bag (struggles 😭😭😭) and left it overnight. The next morning, I washed it out of my hair thoroughly before putting some of my Tresseme Remoisture Conditioner For All Hair Types.

Step 3: Detangling

Usually, I finger detangle because I’m lazy and because I figured i lose less hair that way but I knew that I to straighten my hair, I was going to have to use the chase method, which meant that I was going to have to detangle properly. This would have been the perfect time for a brush, alas, I couldn’t find mine and so i had to settle with finger detangling first, using a wide tooth comb and then switching to a smaller comb. I always apply my conditioner to my whole head, so that all parts get equally conditioned and then I separate my hair into 6 parts using clips. All of you guys than can do 4 parts, I envy you greatly. I generally start from the back because although its the nicest and most defined part of my hair, it gets the most tangled.

Step 4 Blowdry Prep:

So when I finished detangling, I washed my hair out and then prepped it for heat styling. To do this, I sprayed in about 5 squirts of Aunt Jackie’s Hydrating Silkening Hair Milk and about 4 of  Aphogee ProVitamin Leave-In Conditioner to each section, before putting in a small amount of Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Heat Protection Serum which is a heat protectant. Now with heat protectants, especially oil based products, its easy to be heavy handed, thinking more is better however, with such a heavy product, too much will weight your hair down and make it extremely greasy so be rather stingy with the amount you use. I can’t say the same for spray heat protectants as I’ve never tried them but, too much of anything can make you sick as Cheryl Cole says. I divide each part into four sections and I prep and blowdry each section separately. So once I have put heat protectant on a section within my part, I go straight to blowdrying and then repeat the process.

Step 5: Blowdrying

I just used my very old babyliss hairdryer to do this. It comes with three speed settings and a cool button so I have no control over the amount of heat I use. I tend to use the highest setting because I get tired quickly especially since I have a lot of hair. To combat this though, I use a funnel attachment on my hairdryer and I use the wonderful Denman Straightener Brush . I generally dry the hair to about 70% using the tension method before going in with the straightener brush and at this point, I keep the heat in the brush, rather than my hair as the brush has ceramic plates which help to further straighten my hair.

This is all I did to get my wonderful soft hair, unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures because I was traumatized from almost electrocuting my brain, but theres always next time I guess.
See you around

Temi xx

p.s. should I put links to all the products I used below?