My First Ever Braidout

Hey Curlies!

As most of you know, I’ve never really been a fan of braidouts. Twists and twistouts have been my go-to style from my transitioning days. I just could never imagine why i would take extra time braiding only to have not-so defined curls the next day. The few times I tried it, something always went wrong and I ended up throwing my hair into a textured puff. Eventually, I decided that braidouts were not for me.

Fast forward to late last year, I had been wearing a full wig with a closure and underneath I had done my hair into six braids (which only worked because my hair is thin, and the braids were nice and tight). I had successfully worn the wig for almost two weeks, when on the last day of my second week I FORGOT THE WIG AT HOME!! Now, this isn’t the first time this has happened to me, and it serves me right for not sleeping on time or getting my stuff ready the night before. But this time, the method I had used (wearing a scarf) was not available. Alas, what was I to do? I had to take down the braids, to my utmost despair.

Good save, right?

Luckily, I had some Shea Moisture Smoothie in my car to aid in the take down process. So, I took each braid down with some smoothie on my fingers and fluffed up each section till there were no parts left. Would you imagine it came out flawlessly! You’d never imagine that I hadn’t planned to do the style.

Screenshot 2017-03-27 at 16.34.01
From the front
WhatsApp Image 2016-10-07 at 08.17.03
Side View

And that, my friends, is the story of how I decided that braidouts weren’t so bad after all!

What do you think?



Restoring your hair line

Hi curlies,

Today’s topic was requested, so we’re going to talk about hair loss and how to restore it. I’m one of those people who have noticed that my hairline wasn’t looking as full as it used to, especially when I was relaxed. So we’re going to explore how to prevent hair loss and how to reverse it.

Note: Something to note is that one reason my hairline now looks thinner is that my relaxed hair was a lot thinner than my natural hair. As a result, my hairline looks thinner than the rest of my hair by comparison. A few pictures should be able to tell you whether this is the case and you may not have anything to worry about.






  • Trying too hard to get your edges ‘on fleek’- I think you all know what I mean. Gel, edge control, pomade and brushing your hair to reach that slick effect that makes your hair look ‘neat’. It’s not necessary, and overdoing it can give you permanent hair loss not just on your edges, but the whole hairline. If you really need your hair to be smooth put a bit of product and tie a scarf overnight for for an hour for smooth edges without the mechanical trauma.


  • Protective styles – most styles with hair added tend to put a strain on your hairline. Braids, weaves and even cornrowed styles can wreak havoc if done too tight, if too much hair is added, it it’s left on too long etc. I think this is the worst culprit, everyone has seen the pics of Naomi Campbell with no front hair whatsoever and it’s not just her that has suffered from it. To avoid this hair nightmare, you need to tell your hairdresser to take it easy when they are doing your hair. They need to gently manipulate it so it doesn’t fall out at the roots. This kind of damage can be permanent so it’s good to watch out for this.



  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil – Massaging in room temperature or warm JBCO every morning and night has been known to help restore edges. Oils such as peppermint and rosemary are also known to stimulate hair growth and can be added to the castor oil to improve it’s potency. You could try doing this less frequently if you’re a bit short for time.


  • Raw onion juice – Blend finely chopped onions and with water and rub on your hairline every night. This method is very smelly and may not be suited to a lot of people, so I would suggest this as on overnight pre-poo the night before your wash day.


  • Honey, castor oil, olive oil and an egg yolk may be your ticket to full edges. Using this as a pre-poo will help to grow back your edges.


There you have it, tips to help you grow out your lost hairline, I hope this helps!





Heat damage!!!!

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My letter to the straightener

Dear straightener,

Why did you have to be so addictive? It all started when exams were over, we had one finally week to party hard before our lives as freshers were over. I decided that this week I was going to make a huge effort with my appearance especially my hair(big mistake). Everyday for 4 days I straightened and curled my natural locks (without heat protection)to give it some edge for the upcoming events.

I’m not going to lie I absolutely loved the way it turned out but I wasn’t going to be smiling for long.
As the week came to an end so did my parade and I decided it was time for a deep condition, THEN IT HIT ME.
After the whole deep condition treatment I realised that my hair wasn’t it’s usual “springy” self even though I’m a 4 c. I was happy to see that most of my hair retained it’s natural curl until I saw that there were some prominent parts that looked relaxed. I started to panic.

I eventually stumbled upon some YouTube videos hoping and praying for an answer and luckiy enough I found a protein treatment video. Due to my laziness I couldn’t be bothered to go out and buy anything for my protein treatment formula so I decided to “work with what I had” ( which was a mix of natural yogurt, shear butter, aloe Vera juice and an egg).
I left the mixture on my hair over night and washed it of in the morning and then deep conditioned it again (Dr miracles deep conditioner btw).

Just like magic some of my hair had started to regain it’s bounce and I was honestly over the moon ( I definitely wasn’t going to start this natural journey again). Thank you straightener for all you have taught me and in this case experience is the best teacher.

Many thanks for reading this and hope it helps you


P.s I still need to do a few more treatments before I can see “near to perfect” results but I’m willing to wait.

The Salon Visit From Hell

I came back to Nigeria primarily to serve in the NYSC program which is compulsory for everyone who was under 30 at point of graduation. The first element of service is a 3 week long youth camp, which is the camp of the state that you are posted in. I like many other foreign graduates, found myself in Lagos :D. Because it’s an army style barracks there are only basic necessary amenities, meaning, I needed to get my hair did.

Unfortunately, that meant a trip to the salon since I was short on time and didn’t really have a trusted stylist around my area. And so it began. I freshly washed and sectioned my hair in the morning and wrapped a scarf around to make it look presentable for my other activities. Then I made my way to the salon.

The first thing the lady did was undo all the sections and try to start combing it dry. I had to look at her to make sure she understood that that doesn’t fly with my kinky hair. So I got her to put in some of my Giovanni Direct Leave-In before de-tangling with a ‘wide tooth comb’. The comb wasn’t so much a wide tooth comb as a huge comb that still managed to be quite small. She was gentle though, and it only hurt little bit, but she didn’t de-tangle fully, she said it wasn’t necessary. Continue reading

Twist Results: Enter Yasei

Last night after putting my freshly washed hair in twists I pinned them taut to stretch them, the result was supposed to be a kind of defined afro with stretched out clumps of curls and kinks, but after I took them out, I got this:

This is the kinda ish I don't like :/
This is the kinda ish I don’t like :/

Which is a lot more than I bargained for, in Naptural85’s video she didn’t add any additional moisturisers or styling creams, and I thought that was a bit odd, but I rolled with it. The back section came out a bit like hers but with looser definition, which is strange because even though the back part is looser than the rest of my hair, it’s still probably tighter than hers. Which leads me to the conclusion that :

  1. I probably didn’t stretch the twists enough.
  2. Maybe the twists were too tight.
  3. I need to give more moisture/styling aid to the tighter curls of my head.
  4. My hair is very prone to frizz.
  5. I need to find a product to tame said frizz.

So I tried to tame the wildebeest that had just appeared on my head by adding a cute headband:

But it just got swallowed up by my hair, because the band was so thin. At my wits end I realised I had no choice  ‘when in doubt, puff it out’ a wise woman once told me (although i’m pretty sure i just made that up myself) I found an old stretched hairband and put my hair into a trusty puff:

It turned out well this time, but i’m going to have to find other ways of saving failed hairstyles. Better yet, I could just master the hairstyles themselves and then I wouldn’t need to save them. Since today’s hairstyle didn’t go well, i’m just going to try the flat twist and bantu knot out I was planning to do before this, at any rate, at least my hair is stretched, styles always come out nicer this way :D. Today’s hair had nothing to do with any kind of rest, and so I have another name for her, Yasei( Japanese for Wild (yasei)) the Japanese word for wild (can you tell i’m learning Japanese?).

Flast twist results coming your way tomorrow 😀