Guess where I went today!

Hii lovelies,

Below is the look I chose for an event I went to today, I just got back so no post for now, but stay tuned, lots to tell!!

I never remember to take pix when it's sunny!!!
I never remember to take pix when it’s sunny!!!



The Natural Hair Blog Directory

Hey there peoples,


Some of you may have noticed a flashing button to the right showing that i’m part of the  ‘Natural Hair Blog Directory’ under ‘Kinky Hair’. The Natural Hair Blog Directory is a directory of blogs created by Rae of as a way to group the email addresses of almost all the active natural hair blogs in the world. I think it’s an awesome idea, and have obviously joined.


The bloggers are grouped by the type of hair they have: wavy, curly, coil and kinky. I’ve been listed under the kinky hair category so you’ll find me there :D. So If you are a blogger I hope to see you there and if you are a natural hair enthusiast or just someone with a few hair issues I hope you can find what you’re looking for in the vast range of hair blogs.


One thing I might suggest to them though is a way to group the bloggers by either nationality or country of residence, maybe even both, i’m always searching for Nigerian bloggers because a) we’re more likely to have similar hair and b) they can tell me where they get their products from. We’ll see how that pans out.





Oh Curl Challenge Day 18: Protective Style

Hi guuysss,


been a while since I did one of these, i’ve been totally focusing on other posts like my Max hydration journey and my Why is my Hair not growing series. I hoped you checked them out in the meantime!

Today’s pic is Protective Style, which I haven’t done a lot of in the past year, in fact I think my last one was back in May at NYSC Camp(which i still haven’t posted about, awkies!!) But here is one of my favourite styles, a wig!

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The max hydration method: Is it for you?

I was casually looking at hair videos on YouTube, when I stumbled on something called the ‘Max Hydration Method’. It promised to show true curls in the kinkiest of 4c hair and I was intrigued by the proposed results of the method.

One example of mhm results
One example of mhm results

The whole ‘defined curls’ thing didn’t strike me at first, I was more focused on people talking about less single and multi strand knots. I suffer from these a lot because my hair likes to shed and wrap itself really tightly around other strands causing lengthy de-tangling sessions. It seemed to consist of a 5 step regimen every 3 days with a ‘Cherry Lola treatment’ every few weeks, or as needed.

Another pic for ya
Another pic for ya

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Why is my Hair Not Growing Series: Episode 2 Keeping Your Length


Hi guys, and welcome to the second episode of the series, keeping your length. In the first episode, we discussed taking control of your hair by accepting that your hair is growing. In this episode, we’re going to address why it looks as if your hair isn’t growing.

Now the reason why it looks as if your hair isn’t growing is that its breaking off at the same rate or faster than your rate of growth. This gives the illusion that your hair isn’t growing. The only way to combat this breakage is to find the reason why your hair is breaking and fix it.

Saying it is one thing, actually finding the culprit is another thing entirely! It could be a range or combination of a lot of things; dryness, detangling, over manipulation, not enough protective styling etc.I have two ways of finding out what your possible hair demons are, one is to have a hair journal the other is creating and sticking to a hair regimen.

A hair journal simply documents what you do to your hair, styles, products, methods and even the way your hair feels, everything you do is documented in it. The second is to have a hair regimen, now almost everyone on a healthy hair journey has a regimen of some sort. In simple terms a hair regimen is like a projection of what you are going to be doing to your hair on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

One of these methods focuses on what you’re going to do in future, which takes the pressure off you because you already know what you’re going to do. This makes you more likely to be patient and actually enjoy what yuo’re doing to your hair. The other focusses on the past, this is also important because your memory isn’t as good as you think it is. Did you really use a coconut oil/jojoba oil mix for that banging twistout? Or was it a shea butter/castor oil base? Yeah, I thought so, you don’t remember, writing all of that down eliminates the need to remember anything except where you kept the journal (tip: don’t lose the journal).

So thats all for this episode, in the next episode we discuss the effect that certain factors could have on your length retention and hair journalling and regimens in detail (video should be up later this week).



Oh Curl Challenge Day 17: Bold Colour

Hi all,

Quick post here on the challenge of the day which is ‘bold colour’. I’ve decided that even if my sister won’t get off her lazy bum to post, i’l post a pic of her anyways *evil laugh*. I think she bleached her hair and dyed it three times before it got this colour…so yeah… not the best for hair health but, you know. life’s too short!





Shhhh don’t tell her I showed you!



Natural Hair Myths Busted: My Natural Hair Isn’t thick

Every time someone runs their hands through my hair I get the same reaction: oohh its so thick/curly/wooly/soft/hard/long/pretty. But even from people that have never touched my hair, the most frequently used to describe it is ‘thick’.


Now I can understand why you would think so, like most people with type 4 hair my hair shrinks a lot, i’d say to about 50% of its normal length. That hair is all bunched up near my scalp, giving the appearance that I have short, thick hair. (The way people tend to talk about thickness actually refers to the density of hairs on my scalp rather than the width of the individual strands).


At this point my hair was past shoulder length, but even partly stretched out it starts to look less full.
At this point my hair was past shoulder length, but even partly stretched out it starts to look less full.

When partly stretched out, you can actually see that my ends seems to go see through. At first, I thought this was due to bad hair practices on my part, but I then realised that if i completely stretched my hair out, most of the lengths were equal, meaning it was just the fact that I didn’t have that much hair on my head that gave the appearance of thin ends.


And here you can really see my scalp, even though the twists aren't that big.
And here you can really see my scalp, even though the twists aren’t that big.

Acknowledging this helps me to understand why certain styles never look quite the same even when I copy and tweak ideas from other type 4 naturalistas. Now I have resigned myself to the fact that my hair will never be Tracee Ellis Ross big, but that doesn’t dictate whether i’ll have a banging twist out or pretty flat twists. It just means that I may need a bit of extra help to make my hair ‘big’ when I want to. Honestly though, for me, I like my ‘not too big’ hair just fine, styling only takes about two hours and detangling lasts for an hour tops.

The main way I try and give the illusion of full hair is to do ‘out’ styles like twist-outs and bantu knot-outs. They give extra volume and make your hair look a lot bigger without the hassle of having to add extra hair. Obviously, you could add extra hair such as marley hair or natural looking clip-ins to give your hair a boost.

Three-strand twist outs give my hair definition and volume...whats not to love?
Three-strand twist outs give my hair definition and volume…whats not to love?

Those are just a few of the advantages of less dense hair, obviously dense hair has its advantages too, so i’m not knocking you if you have dense hair. I just think you should love what you have and admire what you don’t 😉




Oh Curl Challenge Day: 10 Product Stash

I’m quite happy that i’m in Nigeria for this post because I was only able to bring a very limited amount of products with me. Since Nigeria (Lagos in this instance) has not really caught up with the rest of the world in the natural hair game, I haven’t really been able to restock my products like i would have liked. At home in London I have about 2 cardboard boxes full of half used products *hides head in shame* BUT I do use them once in a while when i’ve run out of my normal products.

I hate to waste things, so even though I may not be in love with the product i’ll use it unless it actually damages my hair. This is my current product situation, I always seem to be missing a deep conditioner? In fact at one point I had 9 conditioners, but no deep conditioners……I just never seem to find one.  However I was roaming around the casabella in Ikota, Ajah and found one that I quite like even though i’ve only used it once so far. I might just do a product review (maybe).

Current cleansers
Rhassoul clay shampoo bar
Lemon and honey black soap paste
As I am coconut co-wash
Herbal essences totally twisted conditioner
Elasta QP intense conditioner

Deep conditioner
Vitale Olive oil hair mayonnaise

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Do You Comb It?

‘This your hair, do you comb it?,’ the woman sneered as she dug painfully through my afro puff as if she was looking for gold, buried treasure, or who killed Tupac… If only my parents weren’t right in the other room, I would have the given the woman a piece of my mind.

In Nigeria, people have no qualms about invading your personal space. Your business easily becomes your next door neighbours’,  and they don’t really care if you know that they know or whether you want it discussed in public. My hair is definitely something people like to talk about, i’ve had mixed reactions which I expected. The younger generation (think mid thirties and younger) generally love it, they ask me for tips and advice and I don’t hesitate to tell them all I know. People older than this however have a more conservative approach.

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