Oh Curl Challenge Day 22: Fave Accesory

Helllooo guys!


Its been too long, where have you been? hahah just playing wit ya, Lagos life has got me in a tizzy, so little time to work, play, blog and do hair all in 24 hours. Ah well, i’m trying.


So today i’m talking about my favourite accessory, I realised I don’t really have one, though I like to wear scarves and the like, I don’t really feel anything for them, so instead i’m showing you a wish list of all the accessories i’d like to have.


1. A Bow

From mommynoire.com

I actually have one of these but its in a colour that makes it hard to wear on most clothes.


2. A head scarf

From lifeofalyra.com

Technically I have scraps of fabric I could make this with, but technically, I suck at DIY sewing.


3. A hair band


From Nenonatural.com


I love pretty hairbands like these, but really nice ones are quite hard to find. The best part is that you can put them over almost any hair style and it won’t mess it up or get caught in between.


There you have it, some of my favourite accessories, are there any hair accessories on your wish list?







Oh Curl Challenge 21: Natural Hair Idol

Hey guys,


Been away for a minute I know! I don’t know how some people do it, posting every other day and the like. Today’s post will be about my natural hair idol. I’ve been thinking about this one for a while, and only one name seems to pop out at me, no matter how I try to rationalize it. The one and only Naptural85!!

She went from this…..



…to much longer than this!!!

Seeing her grow from neck length to past waist length really gave me faith that I too could grow to waist length and beyond. However, we may have to see about that for now, because i’m having overwhelming urges to just cut my hair and start from the beginning. Maybe enjoying the shortness for a year or so, who knows?



Oh Curl Challenge Day 20: Twistout

Hello there my lovelies,


Today’s challenge is for a twisout pic, which is one of my favourite styles. There are just so many to choose from, flat twists, twist n curls, two strand twists and my favourite 3 strand twists. So here you go a picture of my 3 strand twists from back in the day ;). You like?

Same day, I was just bored lol
Same day, I was just bored lol






Oh Curl Challenge Day 18: Protective Style

Hi guuysss,


been a while since I did one of these, i’ve been totally focusing on other posts like my Max hydration journey and my Why is my Hair not growing series. I hoped you checked them out in the meantime!

Today’s pic is Protective Style, which I haven’t done a lot of in the past year, in fact I think my last one was back in May at NYSC Camp(which i still haven’t posted about, awkies!!) But here is one of my favourite styles, a wig!

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Oh Curl Challenge Day 17: Bold Colour

Hi all,

Quick post here on the challenge of the day which is ‘bold colour’. I’ve decided that even if my sister won’t get off her lazy bum to post, i’l post a pic of her anyways *evil laugh*. I think she bleached her hair and dyed it three times before it got this colour…so yeah… not the best for hair health but, you know. life’s too short!





Shhhh don’t tell her I showed you!



Oh Curl Challenge Day !5: Curl Crush

Hello my Lovelies,

Today’s quick post will be about my curl crush, there are so many people that have gorgeous hair that its hard to choose. I like to say I have 2 main curl crushes, one that is my hair type and one that isn’t.

For the one that isn’t my hair type I would choose Mahogany curls.


holiday hair twisted messy bun
Pic From the Mahogany curls website, isn’t she a cutie


She has the best twist-outs, braid outs, flexi rod outs…etc in the type 3/4 range. Her hair is always so shiny and bouncy and lovely and her curls got a girl crushing.


In the type 4 area, I just love CharyJay, her curl definition in her styles is off the chain!!! Type 4 hair has a different look to other types when styled, and she takes that fact and runs with it. Her hair is gorge:

Pic from naturallycurly.com Just look at those curls!! ❤


Both girls have youtube channels: CharyJay and MahoganyCurls.




Oh Curl Challenge Day 14: Beautiful Braids

I have a love/hate relationship with braids. This is what i love about them:

  • I love the break from styling that it gives
  • I love the look, whether long or short
  • the versatility is amazing
  • Even with no-make-up/hobo clothes you sill look fly

And here are the reasons I don’t like braids:

  • long or small ones take long to do
  • after a few days you miss playing with your real hair
  • washing and drying is a real pain
  • the build up at the roots waiting to pull your hair out

Obviously, there are other Pros and cons which are a bit more subjective, but I think those are the main ones. Here are some pictures of my favorite braids over the past few years.

Here, I’ve taken ‘braids’ to be any type of extensions, because I hardly ever do traditional braids. I hope you saw the pics of my lil sis I added. She really needs to post, but she’s lazy! I’ll see if I can get her to this month.

And there you have it, pics of our beautiful braids.









Oh Curl Challenge Day 13: Hair Goal

Sorry guys about that mis-post, my phone likes to do funny things like upload unfinished posts when i’m not looking!

My hair goal is the same as most other naturals this side of the solar system. I just want healthy hair,  and I’ve technically achieved that goal because my hair is healthy. So to specify and go a bit deeper I’d like long, thick and healthy hair, and this is where the debate begins.

For some reason I keep seeing a healthy hair V long hair debate as if you can’t have both?  I understand some people hang on to damaged or relaxed ends because of the length it gives them, but they are strictly fooling themselves. In my opinion, if you take care of your hair even moderately well, it will grow and retain length at a healthy rate. Unless you’re actually ill there’s no reason for your not to grow healthily so why can’t it be both healthy and long?

You may have some setbacks on the way like heat damage or a crazy stylist but ultimately I think both of these goals are possible at the same time without having to sacrifice one for the other. The thickness part of it howver, thats something you are born with and even though people would swear on their grandma’s left toe that such and such remedy works, I only think that the effect is moderate and temporary so i’ve decided to accept the fact that my hair is not gonna be big and poofy like some other naturals I admire.

To give a visual effect of what I aspire to be (even though I know genetically its not really possible) i’ll link some vloggers below to show you what I mean.


Naptural 85     LHDC-LLC      Fusion of Cultures       BorderHammer     Keishanista88

This is my hair goal! I’m thinking waist length by the four year mark, 2 years to go :o.