I’m Back + Other things

Hi guys,

I’m ashamed to admit that i haven’t been here in way too long!! It’s getting terrible, so I think I should explain. I’ve been having some¬†exams for the past few weeks and all my available time has been spent either studying or chilling out from all the studying. I’m pleased to say that I passed (yay me) and can now come back to my beautiful blog and all my readers. I’ve just received some products, so expect some reviews and new posts about them.


I have decided to structure my post schedule a bit more rigidly, so you should expect posts at least twice a week, and you should expect the Oh Curl Challenge to be once a week until I finish it, and the Why Is My Hair Not Growing series every 10 days or so. I have quite a bit in store for y’all so stay tuned!


Can’t wait!