Restoring your hair line

Hi curlies,

Today’s topic was requested, so we’re going to talk about hair loss and how to restore it. I’m one of those people who have noticed that my hairline wasn’t looking as full as it used to, especially when I was relaxed. So we’re going to explore how to prevent hair loss and how to reverse it.

Note: Something to note is that one reason my hairline now looks thinner is that my relaxed hair was a lot thinner than my natural hair. As a result, my hairline looks thinner than the rest of my hair by comparison. A few pictures should be able to tell you whether this is the case and you may not have anything to worry about.






  • Trying too hard to get your edges ‘on fleek’- I think you all know what I mean. Gel, edge control, pomade and brushing your hair to reach that slick effect that makes your hair look ‘neat’. It’s not necessary, and overdoing it can give you permanent hair loss not just on your edges, but the whole hairline. If you really need your hair to be smooth put a bit of product and tie a scarf overnight for for an hour for smooth edges without the mechanical trauma.


  • Protective styles – most styles with hair added tend to put a strain on your hairline. Braids, weaves and even cornrowed styles can wreak havoc if done too tight, if too much hair is added, it it’s left on too long etc. I think this is the worst culprit, everyone has seen the pics of Naomi Campbell with no front hair whatsoever and it’s not just her that has suffered from it. To avoid this hair nightmare, you need to tell your hairdresser to take it easy when they are doing your hair. They need to gently manipulate it so it doesn’t fall out at the roots. This kind of damage can be permanent so it’s good to watch out for this.



  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil – Massaging in room temperature or warm JBCO every morning and night has been known to help restore edges. Oils such as peppermint and rosemary are also known to stimulate hair growth and can be added to the castor oil to improve it’s potency. You could try doing this less frequently if you’re a bit short for time.


  • Raw onion juice – Blend finely chopped onions and with water and rub on your hairline every night. This method is very smelly and may not be suited to a lot of people, so I would suggest this as on overnight pre-poo the night before your wash day.


  • Honey, castor oil, olive oil and an egg yolk may be your ticket to full edges. Using this as a pre-poo will help to grow back your edges.


There you have it, tips to help you grow out your lost hairline, I hope this helps!





Why is my Hair Not Growing Series: Episode 2 Keeping Your Length


Hi guys, and welcome to the second episode of the series, keeping your length. In the first episode, we discussed taking control of your hair by accepting that your hair is growing. In this episode, we’re going to address why it looks as if your hair isn’t growing.

Now the reason why it looks as if your hair isn’t growing is that its breaking off at the same rate or faster than your rate of growth. This gives the illusion that your hair isn’t growing. The only way to combat this breakage is to find the reason why your hair is breaking and fix it.

Saying it is one thing, actually finding the culprit is another thing entirely! It could be a range or combination of a lot of things; dryness, detangling, over manipulation, not enough protective styling etc.I have two ways of finding out what your possible hair demons are, one is to have a hair journal the other is creating and sticking to a hair regimen.

A hair journal simply documents what you do to your hair, styles, products, methods and even the way your hair feels, everything you do is documented in it. The second is to have a hair regimen, now almost everyone on a healthy hair journey has a regimen of some sort. In simple terms a hair regimen is like a projection of what you are going to be doing to your hair on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

One of these methods focuses on what you’re going to do in future, which takes the pressure off you because you already know what you’re going to do. This makes you more likely to be patient and actually enjoy what yuo’re doing to your hair. The other focusses on the past, this is also important because your memory isn’t as good as you think it is. Did you really use a coconut oil/jojoba oil mix for that banging twistout? Or was it a shea butter/castor oil base? Yeah, I thought so, you don’t remember, writing all of that down eliminates the need to remember anything except where you kept the journal (tip: don’t lose the journal).

So thats all for this episode, in the next episode we discuss the effect that certain factors could have on your length retention and hair journalling and regimens in detail (video should be up later this week).



Back To My Roots: I’ve Moved!!

As some of you may know, I’m no longer in England. Actually i’ve been all over the place in the past year i’m just not very good at documenting my travels. Well for now, i’m currently in my homeland, living it up in the crazy metropolis known as Lagos.

Some facts about Lagos:

1. It’s hot

2. It’s humid

3. It’s currently in rainy season…so it’s rainy

4. You are constantly being bombarded by gross smells

5. Did I mention that its really hot??

I’m in the city for my NYSC, which is a programme that all graduates need to do before they can begin working in Nigeria. I’m actually supposed to begin camp soon, so i’ll keep you posted on how I manage my hair (and self) in those trying times. This will be a good experience to see how I survive using minimal products and tools.

As trying as it may seem I love Lagos, and I can’t wait to see how this year pans out for me :D.


Oh Curl Challenge Day 8: Favourite Instagrammer

I told you that I would post a bit quicker this time hehe. This post is fairly simple my favourite instagrammer has to be @kinky_chicks1 I dont really follow hair blogs, this is the only one. But the the variety of hair and hairstyles is inspiring. I get a lot of ideas and sometimes just love to drool over other people’s hair.

photo courtesy of @kinky_chicks1
photo courtesy of @kinky_chicks1

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Natural Hair Myths Busted: I Don’t Wash My Hair Daily *GASP*

Helloo my little munchkins,

I got the inspiration for this post whilst talking to some of my cheer friends (you know who you are). My cheer team is composed of a lot of people with a lot of different backgrounds and so we all have different opinions on various things. So we were on our way to a competition, when we started talking about hair (who would have guessed?). The general gist of it was wash day; the frequency, what products we used and how long it took.

My hair was out in a puff at the time and I explained that due to the kinky and dry nature of my hair, in winter I didn’t wash my hair more than once a week, even if I sweated more than usual that week. See some people just wash their hair everyday, and they forget that the main reason for washing so often is to get rid of excess grease in their hair. Continue reading

Oh Curl Challenge Day 6: Blue

First of all happy new year people!! It’s actually been ages since I last posted. In fact I think I was still in New York!!! 😮 My bad!

The theme of today’s post is supposed to be ‘blue’ and for the life of me I couldn’t work out what picture to post. So in the end I decided on a picture with a style I wouldn’t necessarily wear out, but one that is effective when I have things to do. Continue reading

Oh Curl Challenge Day 5: Curl friend

As corny and cheesy as it may sound, my main curl friend is my lil’ sis, the ever elusive Temi! Even though we were in different countries, we began transitioning not knowing the other was doing the same. I did my big chop first but she followed suit one or two months later.

Me and my nee-chan :D
Me and my nee-chan 😀 and our raggedy puffs

But apart from Temi my main curl friend is one of my uni besties Wendy. She is one of the few people i inspired to go natural and she is loving it! The funniest thing is that we both dyed our hair using the same box colour without the other knowing, but she dyed hers twice, so hers is lighter (kinda).

Me and Wendy at graduation
Me and Wendy at graduation



Oh curl Challenge Day 4: My go-to style

If you currently know me, or have gotten to know me withing the past 2 years you would know that I have 1 style that I wear most of the time, that I could wear forever! MY PUFF!!!!!! It just so happens that i’m wearing one today after my awesome three strand twistout ( review soon come) got a bit too wild for work.

Todays work hairstyle

The humble puff has saved me from many failed twist-outs, bantu-knot outs old wash-n-goes, and other various styles that look soooo much better on other people than on me. If the style still has definition to it, I just slap a large band or a scarf on it and call it a night. If the state of my hair is just wack, then I just spray a bit of water (the joys of springy hair) and it reverts back to a big fluffball, perfect for my signature poofy puff 😀 It’s so easy to achieve and can be done in under 30 seconds, why do any other style?

Here are pictures of my other puffs:




imageToooo many pictures, i chose one a month for the past 6 and there are still loads more to show maybe in another post?



Oh curl challenge Day 3: Favourite Products

This post is going to be fairly quick, well at least quicker than my previous ones. Hair products are such a big thing now, especially with every hair company and their mother bringing out a new ‘natural’ line. So many people (including me) get sucked into buying the latest curl defining products, or new oil, or new growth serum. Many don’t work in the way you want them to, or the way they worked for someone else but I have a few staples that have currently been good to me over the past year or so.

Shampoo: Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo, the only shampoo I feel comfortable using. It smells good, is really thick so a little goes a long way, and has mostly natural ingredients which is so good for your hair and body. It leaves your hair feeling clean, but not stripped, and very moisturised.

First 5 ingredients: Water (Aqua), Disodium Cocoamphodipropionate, Cocamide MEA, Polyquaternium-10, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil.

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