Oh curl challenge Day 2: Transition/BC

I transitioned for 5/6 months, it would have been 9 but I was still researching being natural, it wasn’t something I had been fully committed to doing. But as soon, as i saw the relaxed hair, I knew I had made a mistake and immediately started intensifying my research. My first part of the transition was with a full head weave, it was December and winter was in full force and so I thought i’d just tuck away all my hair for a while. Unfortunately, even though I only left it on for two months, it totally DESTROYED my edges 😦


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Twist Results: Enter Yasei

Last night after putting my freshly washed hair in twists I pinned them taut to stretch them, the result was supposed to be a kind of defined afro with stretched out clumps of curls and kinks, but after I took them out, I got this:

This is the kinda ish I don't like :/
This is the kinda ish I don’t like :/

Which is a lot more than I bargained for, in Naptural85’s video she didn’t add any additional moisturisers or styling creams, and I thought that was a bit odd, but I rolled with it. The back section came out a bit like hers but with looser definition, which is strange because even though the back part is looser than the rest of my hair, it’s still probably tighter than hers. Which leads me to the conclusion that :

  1. I probably didn’t stretch the twists enough.
  2. Maybe the twists were too tight.
  3. I need to give more moisture/styling aid to the tighter curls of my head.
  4. My hair is very prone to frizz.
  5. I need to find a product to tame said frizz.

So I tried to tame the wildebeest that had just appeared on my head by adding a cute headband:

But it just got swallowed up by my hair, because the band was so thin. At my wits end I realised I had no choice  ‘when in doubt, puff it out’ a wise woman once told me (although i’m pretty sure i just made that up myself) I found an old stretched hairband and put my hair into a trusty puff:

It turned out well this time, but i’m going to have to find other ways of saving failed hairstyles. Better yet, I could just master the hairstyles themselves and then I wouldn’t need to save them. Since today’s hairstyle didn’t go well, i’m just going to try the flat twist and bantu knot out I was planning to do before this, at any rate, at least my hair is stretched, styles always come out nicer this way :D. Today’s hair had nothing to do with any kind of rest, and so I have another name for her, Yasei( Japanese for Wild (yasei)) the Japanese word for wild (can you tell i’m learning Japanese?).

Flast twist results coming your way tomorrow 😀



Box braid takedown: Enter Yasumi

It’s been almost 8 full weeks since I got these waist length box braids installed. At about 5 weeks, which is a lot later than usual, I started to get a bit itchy about letting my hair free and being able to touch and play with it again. But that happened to be right near the end of my exams, I had reached the home stretch and I couldn’t imagine spending valuable time doing my hair when I had a degree to finish! So, I threw all those urges away and focused on my exams. Soon after my exams, I was due to go on a holiday to Spain and again I fought the urge to take them out, I had a low luggage allowance (15kg!) and I couldn’t afford to use precious space and weight on my hair products.

My last hairstyle with the braids in 😦

I’m glad I kept the braids in for my trip, the maintenance was a breeze, and for some reason i felt more comfortable going into the sea with braided hair than loose hair, I don’t really know why. A reason I think I got the itch again was the whole build up fear again, especially as I had to remove some braids around my edges and experienced huuuuggggeeee fluff balls and alarming hair loss. I was kind of scared for the rest of the hair, and hoped I still had hair left. This is the amount of hair I lost during the whole washing process..

Not bad for two months!

Spain was so good! I had so much fun, so many laughs, so much sun, so much food 😀 (i like food). I really enjoyed being with my favourite girlies and it was so amazing being with them as it marked our graduation from university, so it was also tinged with a bit of sadness. Two days after I was back I started on my braids and took them down the exact same way as I did in my Kinky Twist Takedown blog post a while back. The only difference being the oil I used, to be honest I used a random mix I found in my room which probably consisted of jojoba, grapeseed and a bit of rosemary oils. Here you can really see the difference between that time and now, my hair has grown a bit in the past 6 or so months.

looks like a good two inches, yay!

I missed my one year natural length check because my hair was in braids, so instead I may do a random 15 month check or something, just because I don’t have any. And here you can see my hair calmly twisted into around 20 twists, it looks so peaceful here. Seeing this picture gave me an idea, since I don’t have a name for my hair, why not switch it up and give her a name depending on her state of being, and since my name ‘SIMI’  means rest in my native language Yoruba I thought i’d call her the Japanese word for rest, Yasumi (休み) I guess that’s her name when she’s in a protective style like the twists I have in now.

I like the scarf look 😀

So i’ve washed and deep conditioned and i’m wearing these twists to stretch my hair for a flat twist and curl i’m planning to have in tomorrow night, but I got the inspiration for this process from naptural85’s youtube channel and her results were pretty nice so I may not flat twist it just yet, i’ll show you the results tomorrow.



Exam hair:Waist length braids :D

This is sooo late, ii got these braids aaagges ago but here goes. As my final exams were fast approaching, I decided that I just didn’t have enough time to properly take care of my hair. I noticed that due to my laziness, it had already started getting more dry and knotty, and you know what? Ain’t NOBODY got time for that! So I took advantage of some hair services a received from an auction and got my hair done.

I wanted to get either braids or twists done in a style I hadn’t done before, so I went for the trend of loooonnnggggg braids that everyone seems to be rocking in the library (my current home). Now I’m a small person, only 5″1 and I was wondering whether long braids might just be a little too much and swamp me. So to counter-act the length of the braids, I asked for it not to be too full, which she achieved wonderfully. The braids are just a bit fuller than the volume of my hand, so I can pull it together without too much hassle and the longest braid ends up at my tailbone, with most braids hanging around my waist.

This has to be one of my favourite hairstyles EVER!! I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it, and a lot of people have told me that I look really different and that they didn’t recognise me, which I’m hoping is a compliment ?!?!?!?! Any who I’m set for exams and don’t have to worry about styling for the most part.

My exam hairstyle!
My exam hairstyle!
My hair for Mum's birthday :D
My hair for Mum’s birthday 😀

Hairstyles for transitioners

One of the main problems with transitioning is the obvious difference in textures, the natural hair tends to be darker and curlier and the relaxed hair tends to be lighter and straighter. So the best hairstyles for transitioners are those that disguise the difference in curl pattern.

Exhibit A- Bantu knot out

To do a bantu knot out is fairly simple once you get the bantu technique right. You part the hair into medium to small sections depending on your hair length. With each section you twist the hair round and round itself until it stays put. You can do this on wet or dry hair and for maximum results its better to sleep with the knots overnight, or if you did it wet, wait till the hair dries.

Then you gently unravel the knots, separating them until you have a light fluffy, curly fro:

Exhibit B- Braid out

It’s as easy as it sounds, braid your hair into 5-30 sections depending on your length, thickness, and desired style. You can either do this on wet, damp or dry hair. Leave it to dry/overnight and un-braid in the morning and voila! Braid out!

Exhibit C- Twist out/Flat twist out

Exactly the same as the braid out, except you can have purely flat twists, two strand twists, or a combination of the two.

Exhibit-D Flat twists

In this style, instead of taking the twists out you flat twist the hair into a lovely little style and leave them in for everyone to admire/drool over.

And there you have it, 4/5 different styles for transitioners or naturals. Aren’t those flats twists gorgeous?



Product Review: Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Edge Control

This one of the products I purchased from my latest product haul, it’s basically an extra strong hair gel used to slick back the edges of your hair giving a sleek look.

On the label it says: Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Edge Control is perfect for control of your edges! This non-sticky, non-greasy formula allows for an excellent hold without hardening your hair.

I’m not going to display the ingredients here but the only ones of concern for me are the fact the ‘parfum’ is in the middle of the list whereas I would prefer it nearer the bottom, and the product contains parabens :/. See parabens are an iffy subject, there are claims they they are in fact carcinogens but I would rather have conrete proof before going on a witch hunt..so while it’s not a deal breaker, it does make me think twice.

I tried the product on my hair yesterday to slick back my baby hairs which are quite short and curly , and just happen to chill on my forehead. It has a thick, non-greasy consistency and requires a little effot to get it out of the tub. All I did was get some and gently smooth it onto my hair, continuing the smoothing motion until it was as flat as I desired. And this was the finished product:


It didn’t keep the same hold throughout the day, but the edges were still somewhat slicked back in the evening:


After using this product a few times, I noticed that sometimes if you have other products in your hair it can cause a white residue, and that it builds up easily, so you may have to wash your hair more frequently, depending on your current schedule.

All in all i’d give this product 3.5/5.

Product Haul

I went to upton park with my little friend Wendy to do some ‘shopping’. My little sister had kept our leave-in conditioner and deep conditioner with her in Nigeria leaving me with…..nothing! So off to Upton Park we went.

I really was hoping to only buy these things but I kinda got distracted…..i’m definitely an unreformed product junkie 😥 this is what I bought:

  • Elasta QP Olive oil & Mango Butter Leave-In Conditioner- £2.85

  • ORS Edge Control-£2.75

  • Africa’s Best Organics Cholesterol Tea Tree Oil Conditioner-£1.85

  • Mamado 100 Percent Pure Jojoba Oil-£5.85

  • Nothing But Curl Wake Up Spray

A product thumbnail of Nothing But Curl Wake Up Spray

  • Nothing But Curly Pudding-both products for £10

A product thumbnail of Nothing But Curly Pudding

So this is what I bought. I’ll probably do a few product reviews a bit later.